After setting up Google Assistant on your latest Pixel phones, you are on cloud nine. But you are not aware of the fact that your favourite Google Assistant records your voice every time you give it commands. If you wonder where these details are stored, let me tell you that you should check My Activity page on your Google account.

Everything you speak to your Google Home and Google Assistant is recorded and then stored on this My Activity screen. If you want to check, you can visit the My Activity page and listen to all your voice commands given to Google Assistant. Checking your own voice commands is a good way to improve your speech recognition method, but at the same time it is quite disturbing to know that your voice commands are recorded and stored somewhere.

Thankfully, you can now delete Google Assistant voice recordings. Follow a few simple steps given below and get rid of your Google Home voice recordings.

How to Delete your Google Assistant Voice Recordings

Step #1: Open in your browser.

Step #2: If you are not logged into your Google account, simply enter your Google id and password.


Step #3: Now, Click on Filter by date & product.

Step #4: Select Voice & Audio and Click on search button.

Here you can Delete Individual Recordings or Whole Day of activity.

Step #5: Click on vertical ellipsis icon and hit delete button.

If you want to delete entire voice activity, click on three dots icon in search bar and select delete button.

How to Delete Activity By Date and Products

Step #1: First of all open in your web browser.

Step #2: Select Delete activity by from left hand side.

Step #3: Now, Choose a date or date range to delete the activity.

Step #4: Finally, click on Delete button and confirm by pressing clicking ok button.

How to Delete Google Assistant Voice Recordings from iPhone and Android

Step #1: Launch Google Home app on iOS or Android Phone.

Step #2: Hit the hamburger button in the top left corner.

Step #3: Tap on More Settings options.

Step #4: Next, Tap on Select My Activity.

Step #5: Press action overflow icon to delete individual recording or entire day summaries.

Step #6: Tap on three dots icon from the rightmost part of the search bar to delete activity by date range.

Step #7: Now, Tap on Delete Activity By.

Step #8: At last, tap on ok to confirm.

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How to Turn off Voice & Audio Activity

If you will stop Google from saving your voice recordings and audio activity data it will stop working voice searching with Google Assistant (including Google home speakers) until you enable it again.

Step #1: Head up to on your browser.

Step #2: Click on hamburger icon from the top left of the page.

Step #3: Choose Activity Controls from menu option.

Step #4: Go down to Voice & Audio Activity.

Step #5: Toggle off and click on pause button to stop recording Voice & Audio Activity.

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