How to Disable Attention Aware Features on iPhone X

Attention Aware is one of the security features that works with your Face ID. When you keep this feature enabled on your iPhone X, nobody can unlock your phone by positioning it in front of your face while you are sleeping. This means, you can open your iPhone X only when your eyes are open. On the flip side, Attention Aware Features can irritate you because if you are not looking at your iPhone X attentively, it doesn’t perform unlock task. You can turn off this awareness by a user as an accessibility option. Here is how to disable Attention Aware Features on iPhone X.

For security reasons, I would recommend users to keep Attention Aware Features enabled on iPhone X. However, if you want to turn off Attention Aware Features, here is how.

How to Disable Attention Aware Features on iPhone X

Step #1: Open Settings on your iPhone X.

Step #2: Next, you need to tap on General.

Step #3: Then tap on Accessibility.

Step #4: Finally, turn off Attention Aware Features.

Alternatively, you can turn off Attention Aware Features from Face ID & Passcode screen.

Step #1: Launch Settings on your iPhone.

Step #2: Tap on Face ID & Passcode.

Step #3: Type in your six-digit Passcode here.

Step #4: Here, toggle Attention Aware Features OFF.

In case you want to enable Attention Aware Features in future, simply follow above steps and toggle this feature on.

That’s it! Attention Aware Features saves you from unintentional unlocking of your iPhone X. Attention Aware is one of the features that don’t allow anybody else to fool Face ID. It is your choice to keep this feature enabled or disabled.

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