While using Google Pixel 2, battery life should always be on your mind as this smart phone features Always-On ambient display, which obviously consumes your phone’s battery. Though you can always keep a USB-C power bank with you, the battery is something every user wants to save for emergency. If you are also a considerate user, you need to disable Google Pixel 2 Always-On display.

If you are not a Pixel user and still want to know about this feature, let me tell you that Always-ON display keeps your phone screen on always; this means your Pixel phone screen never sleeps and thus burns battery of the device. Some users, however, like this feature to have a quick glance on time, date, day, and new notifications.

How to Enable or Disable Google Pixel 2 Always-On Display

How to Enable or Disable Pixel 2 Always-On Ambient Display

Step #1: Launch Settings app on your Google Pixel 2.

Step #2: Now, scroll down and tap on Display.

Step #3: There are some options given at the bottom of phone screen; tap on Advanced and this will expand the menu.

Step #4: Tap on Ambient display near the bottom of menu.

Step #5: Here, you can easily turn on or off Always on option on your Google Pixel 2.

In addition to this, you can also enable or disable double tap to check the phone and waking the phone’s display when a new notification pops up.

When you disable Pixel 2 Always-On Ambient Display, you should select ‘life to check phone’ option; this will turn on your phone when you pick it up.

Should you keep Always-On Ambient Display Turned ON or OFF?

An average user turns on his/her smart phone for nearly 140 times in a day. This obviously creates pressure on the power button, home button or side button on the smart phone. If you apply the same statistics for Pixel 2 users, there are thick chances of physical button getting damaged in a short period of time. But why users turn on their phone? Obviously, they want to check time or notifications on the phone. If you compare the cost of that physical button and the cost of charging your phone, the physical button will incur more cost. Hence, it is advisable to keep Always-On Ambient Display enabled on your Pixel 2.

However, a valid argument comes from many users that the Always-On display would distract attention at night in bedroom, in movie theatre or while you are working till late night. The method is so easy that you can turn off Always-On ambient display during night and keep it on during the day. It will not consume more than 5% battery life in your 8-hour working day.

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