How to Disable Show Recents in Dock on iPad in iOS 11

With iOS 11, Apple has introduced the handy Dock functionality for iPad along with Drag and Drop support. The feature is extremely user friendly and will help you to switch between apps and carry out your multitasking necessities with ease.

Now by default, the Dock shows three of the most recent apps you have been using on your iPad. This is great as you won’t have to scurry around for things you routinely use.

However, you might want certain applications to be close to your reach irrespective of the fact you use them routinely or not. For instance, you might want to keep that new note taking app in your line of sight, so you can jot down something when necessary.

Since it is not one of your frequently used apps, it won’t make it to the Dock. Situation like this can come out to be annoying and make you wish you had more control over what stays on the Dock.

Luckily, you can turn off ‘show recent apps’ from the Dock and just stick to the apps you want to be there; irrespective of your usage pattern.

So without further ado, here is a step by step guide on how to disable dock from showing up most recently used apps on iPad Pro/Air in iOS 11.

How to Disable ‘Show Recents’ in Dock on iPad in iOS 11

Step #1. Go to the ‘Setting’ app on your iPad.

Step #2. Head on over to the ‘General’ Settings option.

Step #3. Under ‘General’, you will find ‘Multitasking’. Open it.

Step #4. Here you will notice ‘Show Recents’ option. If it is turned on then tap on it to turn it off.

And you are all done.

Note: if at any point you decide that you will benefit from the ‘Show Recents’ functionality, then follow the same steps mentioned above. When you reach ‘Show Recents’ option under ‘Multitasking’, it should be triggered as ‘off’. Turn it ‘on’, and you should be good to go.

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In Conclusion

With iOS 11, Apple was introduced a plethora of features. You will have to do a little digging on your iPhone to know its latest offerings. Hop on down to the comments section to see what other users like. Also share your favourite tweaks and added functionalities. You can connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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