‘Show Recents’ in Dock on your iPad is a handy feature that enables me to quickly launch the app I was working a couple of minutes ago. As the name suggests, it shows me three most recent apps on my iPad running iOS 11. Thanks to this feature, I can save some precious seconds I would have spent on browsing and opening the apps. But the feature also enables my colleague to peep into my iPad and get to know which app I have been using now. And I want to disable show recent in dock on iPad in iOS 11. Well, there is a way. You can prevent Dock from showing most recently used apps on iPad in iOS 11.

By using ‘Disable Show Recents’ on my iPad, I can hide the apps I have used recently. There is another reason I want to turn off Show Recents on my iPad; I want some apps close to my reach no matter I am using it frequently or not. I normally use Notes to save links of articles I like to read later; but again, this is not one of my frequently used apps, and therefore, it doesn’t make it to the Dock. This obviously annoys me as well as other users. Thankfully, Apple gives a solution in its iOS 11; users can disable Show Recents in iOS 11 on their iPad.

When you deactivate Show Recents, you get more control over what stays on the Dock of your iPad. Note that you can disable Show Recents on iPad Pro and Air running iOS 11.

How to Disable Show Recents in Dock on iPad in iOS 11

How to Disable Show Recents in Dock in iOS 11 on iPad

Step #1. Go to the ‘Setting’ app on your iPad.

Step #2. Head on over to the ‘General’ Settings option.

Step #3. Under ‘General’, you will find ‘Multitasking & Dock’. Open it.

Step #4. Here you will notice ‘Show Suggested and Recents Apps’ option. If it is turned on then tap on it to turn it off.

And you are all done.

How to Enable Show Recents in Dock on iPad in iOS 11

If at any point you decide that you will benefit from the ‘Show Recents’ functionality, then follow below mentioned steps:

Step #1. Launch Settings app.

Step #2. Go to General and then tap on Multitasking & Dock.

Step #3. Here you need to turn on Show Suggested and Recents Apps.

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In Conclusion

With iOS 11, Apple was introduced a plethora of features. You will have to do a little digging on your iPhone to know its latest offerings. Hop on down to the comments section to see what other users like. Also share your favourite tweaks and added functionalities. You can connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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