“Tap to Wake” on iPhone X is quite useful in the absentce of home button on the most advanced smart phone in the world. You can easily wake your iPhone X screen by tapping on the display. This helps you quickly glance over the notifications, time, battery status, and other things. But an accidental tap can wake up your iPhone X screen; and this can happen frequently in a day. And this can take toll on your iPhone X battery life. To avoid this, you can turn off Tap to Wake on iPhone X.

If you have already disabled Raise to Wake feature on your device, this ‘Tap to Wake’ helps you invoke the screen of your iPhone X. However, this will cause iPhone X battery issues. Therefore, it is advisable to turn off Tap to Wake on your iPhone X.

How to Disable:Turn Off Tap to Wake on iPhone X

How to Disable Tap to Wake on iPhone X

Step #1: Open Settings on your iPhone and then tap on General.

Step #2: Now tap on Accessibility.

Step #3: Under the 3D Touch option, you will find Tap to Wake option; simply toggle this option OFF.

It is done!

Now whenever you tap on your iPhone X screen, it will not wake up. You can follow the same steps to turn on Tap to Wake on your iPhone X.

Tap to Wake will certainly burn your iPhone battery, and therefore, it is good for users to keep Raise to Wake enabled on their device. For this, simply launch Settings → Display & Brightness and toggle Raise to Wake ON.

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Summing up…

You can share your experience with the new iPhone X, which is made without physical home button. This has created some fresh challenges for users to get acclimatized with the new device. You can share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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