4K videos began to exist with the advent of digital television and digital cinematography. The current generation wants to see contents in 4K videos and therefore, many branded contents are produced in high resolution, i.e. approximately 4000 pixels wide. But the million-dollar question is: how to download Youtube 4k videos on Mac and Windows computer?

Perhaps the best answer has come from 4K Video Downloader, software that can easily download the best contents from YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels. Owned by Open Media LLC, this 4K Download project is the best solution to download 4K HDR videos from Youtube on Mac and Windows PC.

How to Download 4K Videos on Mac and Windows PC

How to Download YouTube 4K Videos on Mac and Windows PC

Before you download 4K videos from Youtube on your Mac or Windows PC, you should confirm that the video is actually shot in 4K. There are many YouTube videos that bear title of 4K videos, but they are not. Hence, you need to employ a trick to confirm that the video you are downloading is a 4K video. To check the quality of video:

Step #1: Launch YouTube on your web browser.

Step #2: Open a video link from YouTube or the one you might have received from your friends or colleagues.

Step #3: While the video is running, tap on Settings icon on the screen where video is shown.

Step #4: A menu will swipe up with some options; you need to tap on Quality.

Step #5: This will show quality of that video in different pixels.

Normally, pixels start from 144 and they go up to 2160p and more. Next to the number of pixels, you will find HD and 4K written in red fonts. This is how you can know if the video is shot in 4K or HD.

Now, let’s see how you can download 4K videos on your Mac or Windows computer. The process is easier than downloading YouTube videos on iPhone and Android.

4K Video Downloader is excellent software you can use to download video, audio, and subtitles from YouTube in high quality. With this software, you can not only download single videos but entire playlists and channels you have subscribed. This software also supports 360-degree videos; for example, if somebody has created a video with 360-degree cameras, you can watch that 360-degree video by changing the viewing angle. You can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Metacafe, Vevo, Tumblr, Flickr, SoundCloud etc.

Step #1: First off, download 4K Video Downloader software on your Mac or Windows computer.

Step #2: Save the software in your computer and then run the software to install it.

Step #3: You can select the language of your choice while you are running the software.

Select Language

Step #4: Accept the agreement.

Accept Agreement

Step #5: Browse the path where you want to save this 4K Video Downloader.

Select Location to Install 4k Video Downloader

Step #6: It is advisable to create a desktop icon of 4K Video Downloader.

Create Dekstop Shortcut

Step #7: Once the set up wizard is completed, click on Finish button.

Click on Finish

The software is now set up on your computer. And now you are all set to download 4K videos on Mac and Windows PC.

Step #8: Open the software on your computer.

Step #9: Next, go back to YouTube.com and open a 4K video there.

Step #10: Copy the link of that video and jump to 4K Video Downloader on your computer.

Step #11: Here, you need to click on Paste Link button from the top left corner of your computer screen.

Click on Paste

The video link will begin to download after a few seconds of parsing. Before downloading, the software will offer you a few options like what quality of video you want to select. You can choose Original Quality, i.e. 4K. And then click the Download button.

Select Original Quality and Click on Download

Step #12: The download begins.

Once the video is fully downloaded, select it and click on three vertical dots. A drop-down menu will appear there; click on Play option to play the video.

Click on three dots and click on play

If you want to see downloaded video in your computer, click on ‘Show in Folder’ option from the drop-down menu that appeared after clicking on three vertical dots.

Click on Show in folder

When you download the video in your computer, a 4K Video Downloader folder is created in the Videos folder on your computer. You can then move the video to anywhere; and if you wish to share, go ahead and share.

But wait! Check the size of the video and then you can select the sharing option. Normally, 4K videos will occupy larger space on your computer.

Two of the glaring features that need special mention are: Smart Mode and Subscriptions.

Once any user chooses Smart Mode, s/he can download videos in a single click. The user has to select a format, quality, and output directory only one time. The software will apply the settings to all downloads.

Subscriptions is a great way to download all videos of your favourite YouTube channel. All you need to do is copy the channel link and click on Plus icon after clicking on Subscriptions from the Tools menu. Next, all new videos will be downloaded automatically once they are uploaded on your favourite channel.

For Mac users, there is a feature to add the downloaded files to iTunes. Click on PreferencesGeneral→ select the check box ‘Add the downloaded files to iTunes if possible’.

From the Connection, which is next to General, users can limit the download speed according to the internet speed. However, when you relaunch the app, this setting will change.

So this is your 4K Video Downloader! Use it and share it with your friends. Remember that 4K videos can be enjoyed on the best 4K TV as other screens will blur the picture.

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