During the recent Amazon Prime deals, many users have subscribed to Prime to get mouth-watering deals. Along with products, users like to watch their favourite contents on Amazon Prime. Since streaming requires strong internet connection, users always find a solution to download contents to watch the same offline later. As a Prime member, you have access to some free content, and if you have Amazon Fire Tablet, you can download some Prime video shows and movies for offline viewing. Now buckle up to learn how to download Amazon Prime movies and TV shows for offline viewing.

To watch Amazon Prime movies offline on iOS and Android, you need to rely on apps on your Android and iOS devices. Once you download the apps, it will be easy for you to watch Amazon Prime movies and TV shows offline.

How to Download Amazon Prime Movies & TV Shows on iPhone, iPad and Android

Download Amazon Prime Contents On iPhone/iPad

Step #1: Download and install Amazon Prime Video on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #2: Launch the app and sign into it with your Amazon account.

Step #3: After signing into the Amazon account, you need to select default video quality setting in the app. For this, tap on Settings icon and then tap on Streaming & Downloading→ Download Quality option.

Recommended qualities: Good or Better. Since your iPhone and iPad has smaller screen, anything higher than Better will kill the joy of watching movies or videos. And this higher quality will take much time to download and occupy more storage.

Step #4: Now you need to search the movie or show you want to download.

Step #5: If you are downloading a movie, simply tap on the Download button. You can see an Options button on the screen; this button helps you pause or cancel the download.

Download Prime TV Shows and Movies on iPhone or iPad-

When you wish to download a TV show, you need to choose the season and then tap on Download button next to the episode you want to download. Instead of downloading the episode, you can watch the same by tapping on Play button to stream the episode. Moreover, you can queue up more than one episode instead of downloading one by one.

Step #6: Once download process is finished, you can tap Play button.

Library icon is a bit confusing as it doesn’t show quickly which videos you have downloaded and which videos are parts of your Library. This may give you tough time if you want to free up space by deleting content you have watched. Now you need to tap on Refine and then choose On Device. Next, you can see only the local movies and shows downloaded by you.

Download Amazon Prime Movies on Android

Step #1: Unlike iOS, you are not supposed to download Amazon Video app from the Google Play Store. Rather, you need to download Amazon Video app from Amazon’s Appstore. Is this too much for you? Worry not; follow a few simple steps to download and install Amazon Appstore on your Android device.

Step #2: AS you did above, you need to select the default video quality setting before you download any content.

Step #3: Tap on Menu icon→ Settings→ SD Download Quality.

Step #4: Don’t go for the Best quality as this will take more time to download and will occupy more space on your device. So, go for Good or Better.

Alternatively, you can also use an option: Always Ask When Downloading.

Step #5: Next, you need to search or browse to find a TV show or movie you wish to download.

Step #6: Downloading movie and TV show requires different steps; for movie download, simply tap on Download button to initiate the process. For TV episode, you need to select the season first and then you can tap the Download button given next to the episode. If you don’t want to download for offline viewing, you can stream the content by tapping on Play button. Moreover, you can queue up more than one episodes to download.

Once download is finished, you can tap on Play button.

In case you want to delete the download, simply hit the trash can icon. Furthermore, you can go to Menu and tap Your Downloads to see movies and TV shows you have downloaded.

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