Face ID has obviously scored higher than its predecessor, i.e. Touch ID in its functionality and ease of usage. Like Touch ID, Face ID is mostly used to unlock the phone, download or purchase apps on iPhone X or login into apps. However, in Touch ID, the action was quite intentional as you have to use physical button to register your fingerprints. In Facial recognition system, the procedure has become far simpler. To avoid any unintentional action (especially while buying anything), Apple has given a buy and get button; there is also a cancel button to dismiss your buying decision. Once you set up Face ID, entire procedure is much easier than Touch ID; so without further delay, here is how to download apps using Face ID on iPhone X.

How to Download Apps on iPhone X Using Face ID

How to Download Apps Using Face ID on iPhone X

Step #1: Launch the App Store on your iPhone X.

Step #2: To buy an app using Face ID, you need to tap on app’s price (or Get button if the app is free).

Step #3: This will bring up app details from the bottom of your phone’s screen.

You can also see a Cancel button; if you don’t want to make purchase, simply tap on Cancel.

Step #4: To download the app, you need to double-click the power button on the upper right side of your device.

This will quickly initiate the Face ID scan, and the app will be installed.

That’s it! You have done it successfully.

How to Disable Face ID for App Store Purchases on iPhone X

You can disable the use of facial recognition for iTunes & App Store if you don’t want to use it to validate App store purchase.

Step #1: Open Settings App on your iPhone X.

Step #2: Tap on Face ID & Passcode.

Step #3: Enter the Passcode.

Step #4: Simply, toggle off iTunes & App Store option.

It’s Done! Now, you won’t need to authenticate App store purchases using Face ID.

Watch Video: How to Buy Apps on iPhone X Using Face ID

You might wonder that it is the same method as you did to use Apple Pay using Face ID on iPhone X. Make sure you have set up Apple Pay on your iPhone.

Face ID is pretty cool feature launched by Apple in its revolutionary iPhone X. However, like other phones, this too has met with some technical glitches. Users have noticed that their Face ID is disabled on iPhone X for some reasons. Worst, there were also complains about Face ID not working at all.

Thankfully, there are solutions to such problems. We have listed some simple troubleshooting actions like resetting Face ID on iPhone X. You can also disable Face ID for time being to get rid of issues related to the feature.

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