How to Download GIFs from Twitter on iPhone, Android and PC

Twitter is indisputably a popular social networking site to share GIF; there are countless people who love to upload and Re-tweet GIFs. But then there are those who want to download some funny GIFs on their mobile phones and computers. Saving GIFs from Twitter is a good practice as you can always upload them on different media like Facebook, Instagram or Google Plus or maybe you can send to your WhatsApp contacts. In this tutorial, we have explained two methods to download GIFs from Twitter on iPhone and Android.

Why are Animated GIFs popular on Twitter? Earlier, Twitter allowed only 140 characters to express yourself; this character limit was increased to 280 characters in November 2017. However, users find this less; a GIF is always a better option to communicate. In fact, you can create a small story to articulate your emotions. Hence, GIFs on Twitter have gained momentum in recent years. Saving GIFs on smartphones, tablets, and computers is just a logical extension.

How to Download GIFs from Twitter on iPhone, Android and PC

Can you Save Animated GIFs from Twitter natively?

No, you cannot download GIFs from Twitter. If you ask me why we cannot download GIFs from Twitter natively, the answer is: they are not GIFs in the first place. Then what are those small videos that keep playing on your screen? Actually, they are MP4 videos and not GIFs; when you upload a GIF on Twitter, it converts it into an MP4.

Twitter converts your GIFs into an MP4 because it loads faster than GIF, which cannot be compressed as much as MP4 files. Moreover, you can stop the MP4 files in the middle of its playback; this you cannot do while playing a GIF file. MP4 files can be compressed and controlled better, and therefore, Twitter converts your GIFs into MP4 files. This is why you are not able to download a GIF from Twitter.

Since Twitter doesn’t allow you to download GIFs natively, you have to rely on third-party apps for your Android and iOS devices. Had Twitter permitted you to download GIFs, it would have been easy; however, using some of the cool apps to save GIFs is not that difficult either. Android and iOS have multiple third-party apps that help you download GIFs; but we will discuss only two best apps: Tweet2gif for Android and GIFwrapped for iOS.

How to Download GIFs from Twitter on iPhone, Android and PC

How to Download Animated GIFs from Twitter on iPhone and iPad

Step #1: As mentioned above, you need to use GIFwrapped on your iOS device to download GIFs.

Step #2: Once you download and install GIPwrapped, launch the Twitter app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #3: Next, explore GIFs on Twitter; press and hold on a GIF you want to download on your iOS device.

Open Gif in Twitter you want to download on iPhone and iPad

Step #4: Two rows of options will swipe up from the bottom of your device.

Step #5: Tap on More option (three horizontal dots) and enable Save to GIFwrapped option; tap on Done button.

Tap on More and Enable GIFwrapped App in Twitter on iPhone and iPad

Step #6: Now tap on Save to GIFwrapped (which is now seen in the first row).

Download GiF from Twitter on iPhone and iPad

Step #7: The app will quickly save the GIF to GIFwrapped app; next, open GIFwrapped app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #8: You can see your downloaded GIF in the Library in GIFwrapped. Tap on the recently downloaded GIF.

Step #9: Tap on Share button from the upper right corner.

Open Saved twitter Gif in GIFwrapped APp on iPhone and iPad

Step #10: This will open two rows again; this time, you need to tap on Save Image from the bottom row.

Save Animated Gifs from twitter to iPhone Camera Roll

Your GIF will be saved in Photos app on your iOS device.

Open Photos app and check the recently saved GIF.

How to Save Twitter GIFs on Android

Step #1: Download and Install Tweet2Gif from Google Play store on your Android Phone.

Step #2: Launch Twitter App and navigate to GiF you wish to save in your Android tablet or Phone.

Step #3: Next, tap on down Arrow icon in located in a twitter tweet.

Step #4: Now, Select Copy link to tweet.

Tap on Copy link to Tweet in Twitter App on Android Phone

Step #5: Up Next, Open twitter2Gif app on your device.

Step #6: Tap on Paste button to paste url in the field.

Tap on Paste button in tweet2Gif app on Android Phone

Step #7: Tap on Download GIF button.

Tap on Download GIF in tweet2Gif on Android Phone

Tha’ts it! Now open your Photo gallery to view saved animated GiF on your Android Phone.

How to Download GIFs from Twitter on PC

Since GIFs are converted MP4 on Twitter, you cannot actually use right-click to download as you normally do to save any image. Thankfully, there is one work around through which can save animated GIFs on your computer.

Step #1: Open Twitter in your Mac or Windows PC.

Step #2: Head over to the GIF you want to download.

Step #3: Right Click on down arrow in that tweet.

Click on Arrow in Twitter on Windows PC or Mac

Step #4: Click on Copy link to tweet.

Copy Twitter Link on Windows PC or Mac

Step #5: Now, open in your browser.

Step #6: Simply paste the URL in Paste image URL and click on Upload! button.

Paste Twitter URL in

Step #7: Next, you will be landed to Video to GIF, Scroll down and click on Convert to GIF!.

Click on Convert to GIF in on Mac and Windows PC

Step #8: Next Up, the MP4 video will be automatically converted in GIF under Output GIF section.

Step #9: Finally, Click on Save icon.

Save GIF from Twitter on PC

To view Saved Gif from twitter, Navigate to the downloaded GIFs and open in any browser.

That’s all friends!

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Now go ahead, and download your favourite GIFs on your smartphone or PC. Did you try any other app or extension to save GIFs on your Android or iPhone? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus

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