How to Download and Install watchOS 4 Beta on Your Apple Watch

Apple’s watchOS 4 features will surely mesmerize users as there are new watchfaces and fitness tracking enhancements. This will probably inspire you to download and install watchOS 4 beta on Apple Watch.

As of now, watchOS 4 is available for those who have developer account. Apple will release the public beta this fall. Like previous developer beta versions, this watchOS 4 is likely to be packed with bugs and you have to live with it. You can install watchOS 4 beta on Apple Watch despite the fact that it is infested with bugs.

How to Download and Install watchOS 4 on Apple Watch


First off, you need to download and install iOS 11 beta on your iPhone. Second, your iPhone should be connected with a strong Wi-Fi network. And third, your smartwatch must be charged 50%; and keep the watch on the charger for successful installation of watchOS 4 on Apple Watch.

How to Install watchOS 4 Beta Certification on Apple Watch

Step #1: Open this link on your iPhone which is paired with your Apple Watch.

Step #2: Now go to watchOS 4 download page (

Step #3: Next, tap on Download watchOS 3 beta Configuration Profile.

Step #4: Choose a Device pop-up will appear and you have to choose Apple Watch.

Step #5: Now tap on Install and type in your passcode.

Step #6: Confirm your action by tapping on Install again.

Step #7: Finally, tap on Restart so that your Apple Watch will restart.

Above process will install watchOS beta certificate on your Apple Watch.

How to Install watchOS 4 Beta on Apple Watch

When your Watch app in iPhone finds the watchOS configuration profile, you can install it on the device.

Step #1: First, connect your iPhone with a Wi-Fi network and then launch Watch app on the iPhone.

Step #2: Next, tap on My Watch→ General→ Software Update.

Step #3: Now tap Download & Install.

Step #4: You need to type in your password on iPhone.

Step #5: Then tap Agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Step #6: Finally, tap Install either on your iPhone or on Apple Watch.

It is done! This will initiate the process to update software. Your device will restart once the process is finished.

How to Install watchOS 4 Beta on Apple Watch without Developer Account

The above method helps only when you have developer account. But what if you don’t have developer account and still want to install watchOS 4 beta on Apple Watch? Follow the steps given below and you can install watchOS 4 beta on Apple Watch without developer account.

Before you go ahead, you need to keep a few things in order:

  • Your iPhone running iOS 11 beta.
  • Your iPhone must be connected with a Wi-Fi network.
  • Your Apple Watch must show at least 50% battery status.
  • Keep your Apple Watch on charger to complete the update process without any hiccup.

How to Install watchOS 4 Configuration Profile on Apple Watch

Step #1: Launch Safari on the paired iPhone and open and download watchOS 4 beta.

Step #2: A message appears on your iPhone screen with two options: Ignore and Allow. The message reads: This website is trying to open Settings to show you a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this?

Step #3: Next, you will be asked to select a device on which you like to install this profile; here, select Apple Watch from the list.

Step #4: Now tap on Install from the upper right corner and type in the passcode.

Step #5: Once again tap on Install at upper right and then tap on Install from the bottom to confirm you action.

Step #6: To apply the changes, you need to restart your Apple Watch; select Restart from the pop-up appears on the screen.

Step #7: When beta profile is installed, tap on Done button from the top right corner.

How to Install watchOS 4 on Apple Watch

Step #1: To begin with, open Watch app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Now go to General→ Software Update.

Step #3: Next, tap Download & Install; you may be prompted to feed in your iPhone passcode. Moreover, you need to agree with Terms & Conditions.

It’s done! Once the download process is finished, you are all set to explore watchOS 4 on your smartwatch.

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