How to Download Spotify in India on iPhone or iPad

Spotify is arguably the best music streaming service across the world. But it is not available for Indian music lovers (there is huge scope, Spotify) unlike its rival Apple Music, which has been launched pretty early. While team Spotify mull over the idea of launching its services in India, you can follow a workaround and download Spotify in India on iPhone or iPad.

Remember that it is quite easy to Get Spotify Premium Account for Free on Android and iPhone by downloading an APK (for Android) and Cydia Impactor (for iOS devices). Here, the process is a bit complex and you will get to know how complicated it is to install spotify on iphone outside us

How to Use Spotify on iOS in India

Create a US Apple ID

iTunes Store on your iPhone can be decided by your Apple ID’s region; this clearly indicates that as far as you have an Apple ID with the region set to US, you can access the US iTunes Store; and you can download apps available on the store. This means, you have to create an Apple ID for the US store.


You must have an extra email ID that was not used in the past to create an Apple ID.

Step #1: Launch Apple ID page on your web browser.

Step #2: Now click on Create Your Apple ID link from the top right corner of the page.

Step #3: Here, you are supposed to fill in some details about your name, email ID, birthday, security questions etc.

Step #4: After the details are submitted, click on Continue.

Step #5: On your email, Apple will send a verification code, and you need to enter that code in the next screen. Once the code is entered, hit Continue button.

Step #6: Next, you are required to log in with your new email ID and password. The security questions (you were asked above) will appear now; enter the correct answers.

After the above steps are completed, you have a US Apple ID. Now you can buy apps & games from the US App Store.

Let’s now see how you can download Spotify.

Since you have got a valid US Apple ID, you can switch to US App Store on your iPhone or iPad, and you can easily download Spotify in India on iOS devices.

Step #1: Hold your iPhone or iPad and tap on App Store from the Home screen.

Step #2: On the Featured screen, scroll down to the bottom and tap on your Apple ID.

Step #3: Three options will be available on your iPhone’s screen: View Apple ID, Sign Out, iForgot. You need to tap on Sign Out.

Step #4: Once you are signed out, you can log into with new US Apple ID. You will be switched to the US Apple Store automatically.

Step #5: Now tap on Search button and find Spotify.

Finally, download Spotify in India on your iPhone or iPad.

Now you can explore this free app. You can also go for the Spotify Premium and subscribe to your favourite music.

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