Drupe: A smartly designed dialer app for your Android Smartphone

Android developers have always been successful in impressing users with awesome apps. I have always appreciated technology that makes my life simpler and easier. Drape is one of those technological marvels that make you dial your contacts faster. There must be many dialer apps on Play Store, but Drape easily stands out with excellent features.

Drupe is not just another app that you can turn a blind eye to. The app helps you connect with stored contacts just by dragging and dropping their pictures on to the app of your choice. This is quite interesting as you can find two lists stand against each other: on the left side there are contacts and on the right, you can see different apps.

For example, if you want to dial a contact, drag the photo of the contact on to an app that shows phone icon. Similarly, there are other icons of apps like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Mail etc. The app has many other features integrated.

Once you download the app from Play Store, the app will settle on the screen of your Android smartphone. I particularly like a feature that allows me to access Drupe dialer even when my phone screen is locked. Isn’t it great to dial your favourite contacts quickly?

On the screen, you can invoke Drupe by a gentle tap and then drag it to the other side; if you have placed it on the right side of screen, drag it to left, and if it is placed on left, drag it to right – it’s pretty damn easy! With new features added, Drupe allows you to call your contacts using Google Hangouts, WhatsAppp and Skype too. You can also send a DM to any friend on Twitter.

In its latest update, Drupe developers have introduced two brilliant features that take Drupe’s ‘people centric approach to the next level’. The two features are: Caller ID and Instant Audio Messaging.

With this Caller ID feature, you can set a reminder for a missed call you have received on your WhatsApp or Phone app; all this based on the caller ID information and with a single swipe.

Drupe App No unknown numbers in your call history

Its instant audio messaging feature is also called ‘Walkie-Talkie’; this feature lets you send an audio message with a single swipe, using Drupe’s unique gesture. Users can receive an audio message even on a locked screen of their Android smartphones.

There are some other secret features hidden in dialer; if you are dialling an unknown number, hard press the call button and it will activate speaker phone mode on your smartphone. Another three cool features are edit, remove and share. Just press and bring any contact down to the bottom of your screen and you will be able to see three options of edit, remove and share. You can edit the contact details, remove that contact and share via message app.

Note that removing your favourite contact from Drupe will not affect the contacts you have added to favourite on stock Contacts app of your Android device.

The default view of Contacts is that of added to Favorites; these contacts change dynamically as per your use. Moreover, you can choose a view to present when Drupe is launched by selecting All Contacts or Recents from the top.

A missed call handler should need a special mention as it allows you to reconnect with your contacts who have tried to call you a couple of minutes back. A contact, whose call you have missed, will appear on the locked screen; just tap on it and drag it to phone app to call back.

The integration of Reminders is killer one for an absent-minded user like me. Just drag the contact to the Reminder icon and set a quick reminder. You will be reminded to call that person at a time you have set. You can also add a note to the reminder.

Apart from Reminders, you can use Calendar to set a task or event directly from Drupe; invite more than one contact in one go and see their address on a map if you have saved.

Colorful themes are also mind-blowing feature of Drupe. Check some of the most beautiful themes from Settings and choose what attracts your eyes. Don’t forget to adjust opacity of the theme from the adjust bar below the theme switcher.

How to Use Drupe Dialer App:

Drupe has countless other options and features that can be fully explored once you download this useful app on your Android phone. So, go ahead and use Drupe! And don’t forget to share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

Download Drupe for Android.

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