How to DVR Programs Using YouTube TV

As expected YouTube has ventured into the business of live TV, and has come up with excellent plan: pay just $35 per month and get 6 accounts for your family. And you can watch live TV from more than 40 channels. Exciting, right? Only if you get some time from your daily family and social obligations. Your job or business, kids, or elderly parents keep you too busy to watch your favourite shows. But you can still watch those favourite programs later in your weekend or late night. Thanks to YouTube TV that offers a facility to DVR episodes or programs. Here is how to DVR programs using YouTube TV.

Once you DVR your choice of programs, you can view those programs, view scheduled recordings, and remove scheduled recordings.

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How to DVR Programs Via YouTube TV

One of the shortcomings of recording programs using YouTube TV is that it automatically records every upcoming episode, including returns. And you have to remove those programs from your DVR list.

Step #1: Launch YouTube TV on your smartphone.

Step #2: Now tap on magnifying glass icon, which is search icon from top right corner.

Step #3: Now you need to enter the show name you want to record.

Step #4: Next, tap to choose the show.

Step #5: Then you need to tap plus icon to add to your DVR list.

How to View Recorded Programs

Remember, your recorded programs are stored in the app itself, hence you need to open app to view programs you have recorded. Until the programs expired or you remove them from DVR list, they will be your guests and you can view recorded programs anytime.

Step #1: Tap on YouTube TV app on your mobile.

Step #2: Next, tap on Library from the bottom left corner of screen.

Step #3: Now tap on recent recordings from the bottom of phone screen.

How to View Scheduled Recordings

Not sure about which shows you have set up to record? You can go to scheduled recording to see everything you have selected to record.

Step #1: Go to YouTube TV.

Step #2: Tap on Library from the bottom left corner of screen.

Step #3: Next, you need to tap on Scheduled Recording.

How to Remove Scheduled Recordings

After repeated viewings, you may get tired of a show and you want to remove it; if the show is set up for scheduled recordings, you can delete or remove to de-clutter the app.

Step #1: Launch YouTube TV app.

Step #2: Now tap on Library.

Step #3: Next, tap on Shows.

Step #4: Then you need to tap the show you want to stop recording of.

Step #5: To the right side of show title, you can see stop icon; just tap on it.

Step #6: Tap on minus icon to delete that show from your library.

That’s it!

Enjoy your YouTube TV, share contents with your family members or roommates. Note that the person with whom you share account can create their own login and personal DVR library.

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