How to Setup Multi Room Music on Amazon Echo Devices

The multi-room playback music on Amazon Echo devices is the latest addition by Amazon to enhance your music experience at home. This new feature will help you listen to the same music on all Echo devices you have installed in different rooms at your residence. With the release of low cost Echo Dot (and reduction in prices of its flagship Echo), people have decorated their homes with multiple smart speakers from Amazon. Users have been waiting for this for long, and now it is a reality that you can setup multi-room music on Amazon Echo devices.

But why should I stream different music on multiple devices at same time? Well, users would love to use more than one Multi-Room Music group at the same time when they have organized a small party at home. During the party, you can play same album or songs on all the Echo devices you have placed in different rooms. So that your guests can enjoy the same music even if they roam around in your home.

How to Enable Alexa Multiroom Audio Music on Amazon Echo Devices

How to Setup Multi-Room Music on Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Show

To setup multi-room audio, you need to have an Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show; remember, you cannot play multiroom music on Echo Tap and Fire TV. Moreover, the feature doesn’t support any third-party Alexa speakers. Now put all your Echo speakers on the same Wi-fi network and follow the steps.

Wait! Do you have Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited account? There is a remarkable difference between Prime Music and Music Unlimited and a Family Plan; the former allows you to play one stream at a time to multiple speakers while latter lets you enjoy multiple streams at the same time to different groups of speakers.

Constraints of Multi-Room Music

Your Bluetooth fails to work in Multi-Room Music domain; this means, you have to connect your Echo device with a Bluetooth speaker via Aux cable using 3.5mm jack. For multi-room music playback, you have to use Amazon’s music services, Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn. Moreover, this multi-room playback doesn’t support audio books or audio from Alexa skills.

How to Create Multi-Room Music Group on Alexa Devices

Step #1: Launch Alexa app on your smart phone.

Step #2: Tap on Settings, which is normally the last option in all devices.

Step #3: Now scroll down to Audio Groups and tap on ‘Multi-Room Music’ option.

Step #4: Here, you need to create a group of speakers so that they can play the same song simultaneously. Give a proper group name. There are some presets or you can use a custom name for group.

Step #5: Next, you can see your Echo devices that can be a part of group listed. You can pick up Echo devices you want to add to the group you have created just now. And then tap on ‘Create Group’. Remember that each Echo unit can be a part of a single group only. You cannot add an Echo device in multiple groups.

If you wish to remove a speaker: SettingsAudio GroupsMulti-Room Music and then tap on the name of group in which the speaker is added. Here, you need to tap on the check mark next to the speaker you wish to remove from the group. Last, tap on ‘Save Changes’. A group is created of at least two speakers, hence if you have only two speakers in a group, you cannot remove one; instead, you have to remove entire group.

Step #6: When you have setup a group successfully, you can play music by Alexa command: Play music (name of group).

It goes without saying that you can play a particular artist or playlist from your Amazon Music. For example, if you want to play Pandora Station, say, “Play (name of radio station) on Pandora on (name of Echo group).

While roaming in your own house, you can use any speaker to control music playback. If you have initiated the playback from your living room Echo, you can change the track from kitchen Echo also.

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It’s a cool new feature on Alexa, isn’t it? Enjoy your favourite music.

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