How to Enable and Use One-handed Keyboard in iOS 11 on iPhone

One-handed keyboard is a sibling of Reachability on iPhone running iOS 11, and therefore, I can comfortably type text messages or other content in apps. Normally, I use both my hands to type text, but sometimes, while reading newspaper or other books, I have to use my single hand to enter texts. It was easy to type text on iPhone SE with one hand; but typing texts with one hand on 4.7” screen is a challenge (I cannot even think of using one hand to type texts on the Plus-size iPhones). So to help users type with one hand, here is how to enable and use one-handed keyboard in iOS 11 on iPhone.

Note that you cannot activate one-handed keyboard feature on smaller phones like iPhone SE or on iPads. On your iPads, you can use split keyboard.

How to Enable and Use One-handed Keyboard on iPhone in iOS 11

First off, you need to activate this feature from the Settings on your iPhone. If one-handed feature is not found on your device, you are either using iPhone SE or any iPad.

Step #1: Open Settings app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Now tap on General.

Step #3: Next, you need to tap on Keyboard.

Step #4: On Keyboards screen, you will find One Handed Keyboard option; tap on this.

Step #5: Here, you will see three different options: Off, Left, and Right. By default, ‘Off’ is selected. You can either choose Left or Right; whichever hand you normally use more for one-handed typing.

That’s it. Now go and access any messaging app and start typing with one hand

How to Quickly Access One Handed Keyboard on iPhone

For quick access to one-handed keyboard on your iPhone, you can use that Global key on the keyboard. Note that this Global key appears on your phone when you have enabled at one other keyboard like Emoji board or any third-party keyboard.

Step #1: Open any app you want to send a text (iMessage, WhatsApp) or type something like a post on Facebook or Twitter.

Step #2: Next, simply press and hold that Global key, which normally appears at the bottom of keyboard (on left to microphone icon).

Press and hold the Global key in iPhone keyboard to activate one handed keyboard

Step #3: A list of keyboards will open up and at the bottom, you will find three keyboard icons: left, center, and right.

Step #4: You can tap on either left or right keyboard.

Choose Left or Right in iPhone Keyboard

Step #5: Now start typing with your left or right hand.

How to Disable One-handed on iPhone in iOS 11

You can go back to the standard keyboard on your iPhone by tapping ‘Off’ on the One Handed Keyboards. Alternatively, you can use Global Keyboard key to switch back to the standard keyboard.

Step #1: Open the app you want to type text in.

Step #2: Now press and hold the International key icon.

Press and hold the International key in iPhone Keyboard to Quit One Handed Keyboard

Step #3: A menu will pop up with keyboard options: left, right, and standard keyboards. Tap on Standard.

Next, you can start typing with your two hands.

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