If you are 40+ in age and using power glasses to read newspapers (online or offline), you may have to face tough time when you interact with your iPhone and Apple Watch. The default fonts size or text may not be legible for you, and therefore, you have to enable bold text on Apple Watch.

When you make bold fonts on your Apple Watch, you can clearly read all contents on apps and features of the watch. Apple has special liking for San Francisco light font and therefore, it uses the fonts on iPhone, Apple Watch and even on Apple TV. For better visibility and clarity, you need to turn San Francisco into bold fonts on your Apple Watch.So let’s checkout how to activate bold fonts on Apple Watch 1, Series 2 and Apple Watch Series 3 in watchOS 4

How to Enable Bold Text on Apple Watch in watchOS 4

Step #1: Open Settings app from your Apple Watch.

Open Settings on Apple Watch

Step #2: Tap on Brightness & Text Size.

Tap on Brightness & Text Size

Step #3: Toggle ON Bold Text option.

Tap on Continue when asked to Apply setting. This action will restart your Apple Watch.

Toggle ON Bold Text option

That’s it!

How to Turn ON Bold Text on Apple Watch by Using Watch App from iPhone

If you have paired your Apple Watch with iPhone you can make fonts bold directly from your iPhone to Apple Watch.

Step #1: Tap on Watch App from Paired iPhone.

Tap on Watch App

Step #2: Now, tap on Brightness & Text Size.

Tap on Brightness and Text Size

Step #3: Next, Turn ON Bold text and tap on continue to Apply settings.

Turn ON Bold text and tap on Continue

Soon your Apple Watch will get restarted.

That’s all!

This visibility problem can also occur while you are using Apple TV; if you use Apple TV regularly at home or office, you should also enable bold text on Apple TV 4th generation. For your Apple Watch, it is pretty much easy to make fonts or text bigger so that you can easily use apps and other features on your smart watch.

For any reason, you can easily go back to the default typeface on your Apple Watch. The process is very simple as mentioned above. Does bold text consume more battery on your Apple Watch? The question might arise in your mind. Well, use bold text for a week or so, and share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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