How to Enable a Bottom Navigation Bar in Chrome on Android

These days our phones are capable of doing so many tasks that a large screen is necessary to get the most out of it. However, sometimes having a larger screen can make it difficult to maintain control over the entirety of the screen.

For example, while browsing on your phone with a single hand, it can get notoriously difficult to tap on the address bar. To steer away of such nuisance, some browsers have incorporated a bottom navigation bar.

Now if you are using Chrome and suffering from this inconvenience then, there is a way to move chrome address bar to the bottom of the screen on Android

So how do you activate the bottom navigation bar in your Chrome browser? Well here is a step by step guide on the subject.

How to Enable a Bottom Navigation Bar in Chrome on Android

By default, Google Chrome will come with an address bar at the top of the browser.

Step #1. Just bear with the pain of it all and tap the address bar this one last time.

Step #2. Now type in chrome://flags.

Step #3. Next you will have access to a lot of secret features on your Chrome browser.

Note: Don’t tweak around here as this can cause massive problems. Just follow the steps.

Step #4. You will see the three dot menu at the upper right corner of the screen. Tap that.

Step #5. Now go to find on page option and search for Chrome Home.

Step #6. Enable the Chrome Home feature and voila!

Enable Chrome Home option

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In Conclusion…

With this feature enabled, accessibility of your Google Chrome browser will be improved exponentially. So no matter how big your screen is, or how small your hands are, your browsing sessions won’t give you a sore thumb.

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