How to Enable and Use one-handed Mode on Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

Galaxy series from Samsung is known for its large-sized smartphone in the world market. Its latest flagship Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are huge pieces a user finds it difficult to use with his one hand. But there are many circumstances when owners are forced to use one-handed mode on Galaxy S8 phones.

Samsung knows this consumer behaviour and therefore, has retained its one of the old features of one-handed use. This feature is much appreciated by all Galaxy users as it allows them to gain quick access while driving cars or doing any other activities. One-handed use lets you access everything on the screen with your thumb, and this is the beauty of this feature. So let’s explore how you can enable one-handed mode on Galaxy S8.

How to Enable and Use One-Handed Mode on Galaxy S8 Smartphone

Note that one-handed mode is not toggled on by default in your Galaxy S8 phone. You have to follow this workaround, which is super easy.

Step #1: Open Settings on your Galaxy S8.

Step #2: Tap on Advanced features.

Step #3: Next, tap on the toggle button next to One-handed mode.

Step #4: Tap on enable option. Select the option that you are most comfortable with, and then try it out. This feature works on Home screen and in all apps.

Swipe in from one of the bottom corners and the Galaxy S8’s screen will shrink to the side you did swipe from.

You can also go for three presses on the Home button of Galaxy S8. This will shrink the screen to the side you last used in one-handed mode.

Step #5: While you are using one-handed mode on Galaxy S8, you can tap the arrow to change sides, or tap off the screen to shut one-handed mode.

Unlike iPhone, Samsung offers one-handed mode with an added advantage: you can continue using one-handed mode until you close this feature from Settings. This means, one-handed mode doesn’t get activated accidentally on your Galaxy S8.

Users of Samsung Galaxy S8 have experienced some technical glitches recently. Many users have complained about random reboots issue on Samsung Galaxy S8. While others were furious over battery drain issues on their Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones.

After Galaxy S8 was released, Samsung has blocked Bixby remapping feature as the brand found something fishy about this. However, users can still remap Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Icon notification badge is perhaps a mistake done by Samsung. The brand went on to follow Apple’s style of icon notification badge (that number of notifications seen on the top right corner of app icon). But Samsung couldn’t roll out this feature accurately, and therefore, not all apps show this notification badge. As a result, many users have to turn off notification badge on Galaxy S8.

Samsung’s initiative to remove home button has been received whole heartedly by loyal users of Galaxy phones. In the absence of physical home button, it is easier to boot Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus into recovery mode or download mode.

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