Encased’s affair with belt clip cases has never ceased to surprise users. Nearly all its cases boast this quality of belt clip, which can also be used as kickstand case while using the long-screen phones like iPhone 8 Plus. We have received some samples for best iPhone 8 and 8 Plus cases from Encased. A genuine review would help our readers to make the right decision.

Robust cases are greeted with a tremendous response; a step further, Encased has added some style to its rugged cases for iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8. When you touch the case, you would feel the tough built; and when you begin to use, you would experience that your bumper case looks quite cool in your hands. Here, we have mentioned Scorpio R7 and American Armor series of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus cases.

Best iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Cases from Encased

Best iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Cases from Encased

#1. iPhone 8 Scorpio R7

iPhone 8 Scorpio R7 Case from Encased

I have been using this case for the last 15 days; during this time, I could feel the best grip on my iPhone. The solid material, polycarbonate, is instrumental in bringing a remarkable strength. The side grip is extraordinary; I can feel the notches on the grip. This makes my phone secure in my hands. However, a drawback I can see is that the hard case makes it difficult for me to control volume and power button. Its top and bottom rugged pattern give extra muscle to prevent scratches; the middle portion is not smooth, not rough.

Price: $13.99
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#2. iPhone 8 American Armor

iPhone 8 American Armor Case from Encased

American Armor from Encased offers two-side protection to your iPhone 8. The tough case wraps your phone into a box-like case, which prevents any scratch or damage. Your iPhone 8 is highly secure inside this frame, which is made of polycarbonate. This heavy-duty case is a perfect partner of users, who have to commute a lot. The crisscross pattern on the back imparts visual excellence; at the same time, it gives you a firm grip. The dual-layer protection gives you peace of mind even as you are walking through crowded urban areas. Corners of the case are reinforced with some extra material.

Price: $11.94
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#3. iPhone 8 Plus Scorpio R7

iPhone 8 Plus Scorpio R7 Case from Encased

If you are living a rough-and-tough life with a lot of commute, this hard case is for you. One of the best features of this case is its compatibility with Apple’s wireless charging pad. The rugged case doesn’t add much bulk to your iPhone 8 Plus; keeps the profile slim. With the case wrapped on your iPhone, you can slip your device in your pocket easily. Check the raised corners for extra protection against accidental drops. With belt clip, you can use your iPhone comfortable even while you are on the go. Moreover, the same belt clip can be used as kickstand to watch videos, movies, and slideshows of your photos.

Price: $13.99
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#4. iPhone 8 Plus American Armor

iPhone 8 Plus American Armor Case from Encased

The rugged hybrid case is made to bear extreme conditions in your life; whether you are traveling, playing your favorite sports, or working out at a gym – this American Armor case from Encased is the best companion your iPhone 8 Plus can get. The heavy-duty protective design speaks enough of its sturdy construction. Safeguard your iPhone from all damage and access all its important features, ports, and slots conveniently. Corners of the case are given extra bulk to protect the phone in case you drop it accidentally. The external frame is made of polycarbonate and the inner one is of shock-absorbent TPU; both materials make this case unbreakable in tough situations.

Price: $11.94
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Cases made by Encased are basically robust in nature; the primary function of rugged cases is to protect your phone. Next comes the show, which is obviously not impressive here. Again, I would like to emphasize a snag in almost all Encased cases is that of inability to gently press buttons; for example, I am not able to control volume efficiently. But I would like to turn a blind eye to this disadvantage as long as my iPhone is protected from all sides.

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