It is time to change your LG G6 accessories. The smartphone was launched earlier this year, in February 2017, and for a true-blue LG G6 lover, four months is a pretty long time for an accessory. You can begin with the best LG G6 cases that can protect your phone and elevate its beauty quotient.

When it comes to beauty and protection, you should make no compromise and go for the best brand. Encased believes in details, and therefore, the brand delivers satisfactory results. The cases made by Encased not only promise full protection but also add beauty to your smartphone. For your LG G6, we have listed below four bumper cases we have received from Encased.

Encased Cases for LG G6

Scorpio R5 Premium Tough Protection (Impact Armor)

LG G6 Case Scorpio R5 Premium Tough Protection

In association with Maverick Labs, Encased has developed this premium, tough protector for your LG G6. This case is taken from Scorpio R5 series, which boasts cases that look elegant from outside and tough from inside. The impact armor case is well familiar with the challenges you meet every day, and it is designed to protect your phone from all such hazards. Encased’s unique Impact Dampening System (IDS) acts as an internal suspension grid, which holds your phone in a bubble-like structure. Before any shock can impact your phone, this premium tough case absorbs 90% of shock energy. Thus, your LG G6 is always in a comfortable cradle of Scorpio R5 premium tough protection!

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Premium Vegan Leather Case from Artura Collection

Premium Vegan Leather LG G6 Case from Artura Collection

If you are looking for aesthetic perfection, you should go for this premium vegan leather case from Artura collection by Encased. The camel brown case is precisely cut out so that you can easily access to the dual camera and fingerprint. The case is hand-made with premium vegan leather finish that gives you sophisticated luxury. You don’t need to buy a LG G6 screen protector separately as it comes with an easy application screen guard. One of the glaring features of this leather case is detachable upper portion (you can also call it a ‘Crown’ of the case); you can take it out and install this case easily on your LG G6. The front-lip of this case is raised 2.5mm to protect your phone’s screen.

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LG G6 Tough Case from Rebel Series

LG G6 Tough Case from Rebel Series

Your LG G6 is your prized possession and therefore, you are always worried about its safety and aesthetic elements. Rebel series from Encased includes cases to protect your LG G6 smartphone from all corners. The Rebel cases are built with a single purpose: to make you worry-free. The dual layer impact armor has an internal suspension grid to provide extra cushion when you accidentally drop your phone. The inner layer of tough case is bendable from the lower part, and this will absorb the shock if you accidentally drop your phone. The triangular opening at the back lets you access dual camera and fingerprint on your LG G6.

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LG G6 Slim Case Smooth Touch SlimShield Armor

LG G6 Slim Case Smooth Touch SlimShield Armor

Before Encased ships this SlimShield armor case to you, it is impact-tested to provide extraordinary protection against bumps and bruises of everyday life. With such an impeccable approach from Encased, you hardly get a faulty piece at your doorstep. This SlimShield armor case gives you everything you want from a protective case. Its smooth ergonomic design captures your attention; the easy-grip finish gives you firm grip; and its lightweight PCR construction safeguards your LG G6 from every corner. Its dirt and smudge-resistant surface enables you to go places; you are little worried about your phone’s aesthetic elements. Last but not the least, two-piece design of the case makes it effortless for you to install.

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All in all, Encased has adopted multi-pronged approach to help you secure your LG G6 smartphone. The four series launched by Encased guarantees full protection of your device. You can select any one or more than one from each series that suits to your lifestyle.

Which LG G6 smartphone case are you going to buy? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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