Normally, I keep my Apple Watch around my wrist, even while I was sleeping to track my sleep. It goes without saying that I wear my Apple Watch while working out to check heart rate recovery time and find my parked car when I came out of gym. But I tend to lose my Apple Watch when I remove it before entering the shower. As a precaution, I have learned to remove my Apple Watch data in case it falls into wrong hands. There are chances when the watch gets stolen altogether. In such extreme circumstances, one has to erase Apple Watch data remotely from iPhone or iCloud.

If you have lost your smart watch in your home or office, you can always recover by following this tutorial on how to find lost Apple Watch using Find My iPhone app on iPhone and Mac. But when there is no chance of getting your watch back, you need to wipe out your Apple Watch and remove all data remotely. I have listed two methods to delete data on your Apple Watch remotely: you can use your paired iPhone and iCloud.

How to Erase Apple Watch Data Remotely When Lost or Stolen from iPhone or iCloud

How to Erase Apple Watch Data Remotely When Lost or Stolen

How to Delete Apple Watch Data from iPhone

Step #1: Launch Find iPhone app  on your iPhone.

Open Find My iPhone App on Paired iPhone

Step #2: On Find My iPhone, you will be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password; type in the password and sign in.(Follow this guide if you have Forgotten Apple ID Password)

Step #3: On the next screen, you will find a map on which you can see device location (you will see only those devices, which are online). And under the map, you will find the name of iOS devices you are using with the same Apple ID.

Step #4: From the list of devices, tap on your Apple Watch.

Tap on Apple Watch from All Devices in Find My iPhone App

Step #5: You are now on Actions screen; here, you will find three options at the bottom of your phone screen: Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase Watch.

Remember that once you Erase Watch, you won’t be able to locate or track lost Apple Watch, as it is advisable to put your Watch in Lost Mode first and then clear all Apple Watch data.

Step #6: Tap on Erase Watch option.

Tap on Erase Data to Erase Data Remotely From Apple Watch

Step #7: You will be asked to confirm your action. Your Apple Watch screen also tells you the consequences you have to face once you erase your lost Apple Watch.

Step #8: Tap on Erase Apple Watch button, which is given in red fonts in a box.

Tap on Erase Apple Watch

Step #9: You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID password. Enter the password and tap on Erase button.

Enter Apple ID Password to Delete All Apple Watch Data

This method will erase all content and data from your lost Apple Watch.

There is another method you can use to remove data from your lost Apple Watch. Use your iCloud account from your Mac or Windows computer and then erase Apple Watch remotely.

How to Delete Apple Watch Data Remotely from iCloud

Step #1: Open on your Mac or Windows computer.

Step #2: Sign into iCloud with your Apple ID and password.

Step #3: If you have set up two-step verification, you will receive a six-digit code on your iPhone; simply enter that code on your computer and go ahead.

Step #4: You will be landed on the launchpad on iCloud account. Here, tap on Find iPhone square from the list.

Open Find My iPhone

Step #5: Enter Apple ID Password to Login into Find iPhone.

Login into Find My iPhone from iCloud on Mac

Step #6: Your computer screen is largely dominated by a map; on the center top, you will find All Devices and a small down arrow. Click on this down arrow.

Click on All Devices in Find my iPhone App from icloud

Step #7: This will show you devices you have signed in with your Apple ID.

Step #8: Tap on your Apple Watch from the device list.

Choose Apple Watch as a device to locate it

Step #9: On the next screen, you will find three options: Play Sound, Lost Mode, and Erase Apple Watch. Tap on the last option, which is Erase Apple Watch.

Click on Erase Apple Watch Via iCloud

Step #10: A dialog box will pop up, asking you to confirm your action. You will be warned of the consequences of your action, so read that carefully and then click on Erase button.

Tap on Erase to Confirm your Action

Step #11: Again your will be asked to enter your Apple ID password; just type in your Apple ID password and then hit the arrow in circle to confirm your action.

Enter Apple ID Password to Start Deleting Apple Watch Data

Your Apple Watch will be erased remotely.

That’s it!

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