Face ID Has Been Disabled on iPhone X? Here are some possible solutions

If your Face ID is disabled on your iPhone X, you should consider the gravity of the issue and take quick actions. Technology experts and users have expected some minor glitches in Face ID since it was introduced in iPhone X for the first time. But when facial recognition is disabled on your iPhone, it is a serious one. Moreover, Apple itself sends a message on the screen, telling users that “A problem has been detected with Face ID. Go to Settings for more information”. So what to do when your Face ID has been disabled on iPhone X?

Well, we have already listed some workarounds to follow when Face ID not working on iPhone X. But this one is a bit different issue as iPhone X itself flashes a message that Face is disabled. The problem was first registered by sososodeaf on Reddit. Interesting thing is that iPhone X Settings claims that the issue is related to TrueDepth camera, while Apple Store says that according to their test programs, “issue was with the REAR wide and tele lenses, not the front array”.

How to Fix Face ID Has Been Disabled on iPhone X Issue

How to Fix Face ID Has Been Disabled on iPhone X Issue

Reboot/Restart iPhone X

A soft reboot or restart of your iPhone X fixes many minor issues occurring on your device. Though iPhone X Face ID hardware failure is not a negligible thing, you should start with some easy and simple solutions and then go to the complex ones. Check this guide on how you can reboot or restart your iPhone X.

Hard Reset

Next in the line of solutions, it is hard reset or force restart of your iPhone X. You can follow this link to force reboot your iPhone X.

Remove Face ID and Enroll Again

Face ID uses TrueDepth camera and if the issue with the camera, you should not remove your Face ID. But it is always advisable to remove your Face ID while you are performing many workarounds to fix the issue.

To remove Face ID: Settings→ Face ID & Passcode → Reset Face ID. Once your Face ID is reset, you can setup Face ID again.

Reset All Settings on iPhone X

If the issue is not fixed yet, you can go for Reset All Settings on your device.

Open Settings→ Scroll down and tap General→ Reset and then Reset All Settings.

Note that if your iPhone X has met with a hardware issue, you need to take your phone to Apple Store to get the issue solved.

Hope above solutions help you fix facial recognition has been disabled issue on your iPhone. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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