How to Find Lost Apple Watch Using Find My iPhone App from iPhone and Mac

When you have paired your Apple Watch with iPhone, you can quickly locate your misplaced iPhone by using ‘Ping iPhone’ feature on your Apple Watch. If you are absent-minded like me, you will surely misplace your phone frequently in a day. And have to use this Ping iPhone feature often; but what if you lose your Apple Watch? No worries; you can find lost Apple Watch using Find My iPhone App with a simple method.

You can track and locate your lost Apple Watch 1, Series 2 and Series 3 by following some easy steps; moreover, the method is also useful to prevent the lifter from unlocking or accessing data when your Apple Watch is stolen.

How to Find Lost Apple Watch Using Find My iPhone App

How to Locate or Find Lost Apple Watch 1, Series 2 and Series 3

You can use Find My iPhone feature on your paired iPhone to locate the lost Apple Watch. Your smart watch can be located using Find My iPhone feature and this is arguably the simplest way to track your Apple Watch location on the iPhone paired with your watch.

Step #1: Launch Watch app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Now tap on My Watch tab if you are on Face Gallery, App Store, or Search option.

Step #3: Next, you can see your paired watch with necessary details like name and size of the watch. You need to tap on Apple Watch info bar to check more details of your Watch.

Step #4: Tap on the lower case (i).

Step #5: Here, you will find options to Unpair Apple Watch; however, you should tap on Find My Apple Watch.

Step #6: This will launch Find My iPhone app and list all your devices; many users like to open Find My iPhone directly without launching Watch app.

Step #7: You may be prompted to enter your Apple ID and/or password before you could see your watch’s location.

Enter Apple ID detail to login into Find My iPhone App

Here, you can view all your devices; but if your devices are widely spread out, map may not help you more. Hence, you can tap on the watch from the list given below the map, and you can only see your watch in a zoomed in map view. You can see the street where your watch is; moreover, you can also view approximate house number on the street. Get driving directions to location by tapping on car icon in Apple Maps.

Choose Apple Watch Device and Select your action from Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase Data

You can also play sound by tapping on Actions at the bottom of the screen; this will make your watch ping. A step further, you can put your watch into Lost Mode; this action will lock your watch and give contact info so the finder can return your watch easily.

If there is no chance of your watch being recovered, you should go for Erase Apple Watch remotely after keeping it on Lost Mode.

Step #8: To lock your Apple Watch you need to tap on Lost Mode.

Step #9: Tap on Turn ON Lost Mode..

Step #10: Enter a passcode to lock your Apple Watch and then Re-enter it to confirm.

Enter a Password to Lock Lost Apple Watch

Step #11: Type a Phone Number where you can be reached. This number will be displayed on your Apple Watch.

Enter a Contact Number

Step #12: Finally, Enter a Custom Message that will be flashed on your watch Screen. If someone finds your Apple Watch then he/she can contact you after reading the message.

Step #13: Tap on Done to activate lost mode.

Enter a Text Message to be displayed on Stolen or Lost Apple Watch Screen

How to Track Stolen Apple Watch by Using Find My iPhone on Mac

Use the bigger screen of your Mac and find your lost Apple Watch by using Find My iPhone on your Mac.

Step #1: Open on your Mac and log in with your Apple ID.

Step #2: You will be landed on the launch pad of; click on Find iPhone App.

Open Find My iPhone

Step #3: You may be prompted to enter your Apple ID password again.

Login into Find My iPhone from iCloud on Mac

Step #4: Next, click on All Devices from top of the screen.

Click on All Devices in Find my iPhone App from icloud

This will bring down a list of devices on which you have signed in with your Apple ID. Click on your Apple Watch.

Choose Apple Watch as a device to locate it

The bigger map will give better locations of your lost Apple Watch, and you can chase your watch. However, your Mac may not give a comfortable journey on foot or in your car. A word of caution: do not enter into a scuffle with the thief; you should call police.

Here, you have options to Play Sound, Lost Mode, and Erase Apple Watch.

Step #5: Click on Lost Mode to lock your Apple Watch.

Click on Lost Mode

Step #6: Type in a passcode to lock Apple Watch and enter the password again to confirm your action.

Enter a Passcode to lock Your Apple Watch

Step #7: Enter a phone number you can be contacted at. This number will be flashed on lost Apple Watch.

Enter your Contact Number

Step #8: A custom message is recommended here; remember, by writing a custom message you can request the finder to return your Apple Watch.

Step #9: At last, Click on Done.

Enter the Message to get flashed on Lost Apple Watch Screen

Signing off…

If your Apple Watch is nearby, it will be connected with your iPhone’s internet and therefore, you can ring your Apple Watch. Otherwise, you have to choose either Lost Mode or Erase Apple Watch; yes, you can erase your iOS devices like iPhone or iPad remotely via iCloud.

On the other side of the coin, you may play sound on your Apple Watch if you own Apple Watch Series 3 LTE.

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