Amazon Echo is arguably one of the most popular intelligent devices that help you do a lot of tasks by your voice. The voice-enabled smart speaker takes your commands when you want to listen to music, listen to news stories, weather updates and more. And last but certainly not the least is the Echo device finds your lost phone. By using If This Then That (IFTTT) platform, you can find a lost iPhone and Android Phone using Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show and Echo Spot.

Normally, users tend to misplace their phones in drawing room, office or kitchen, where countless other things are put. To find your phone from a pile of other items, you can use IFTTT applet, which is free. IFTTT offers many default applets; you can also customize a few as per your requirement. These applets are nothing but commands that undertake tasks on internet-enabled devices. For example, you can use an applet to switch on fans or AC the moment you enter your home. Let’s not waste the time and checkout how to track and locate misplaced Phone with Alexa.

How to Find Lost iPhone and Android Phone Using Amazon Echo

How to Find Lost iPhone and Android Phone Using Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show and Echo Spot

Step #1: Open IFTTT app on your iOS or Android device.

Open IFTTT app on your iOS or Android

Step #2: Tap on My Applets tab.

Tap on My Applets tab

Step #3: Tap on plus sign to add Applet button.

Tap on plus sign

Step #4: Tap on this.

Tap on this

Step #5: Now, tap on Amazon Alexa.

Tap on Amazon Alexa

Step #6: Tap on connect to Log in to your Amazon account.

Log in to your Amazon account

Step #7: Tap on specific phrase to create your own command that you will say to your Amazon Echo device to get a call your phone.

Tap on specific phrase

Step #8: Enter the phrase in lower case characters only. Here, I chose “find my lost phone“.

Enter the phrase

So, now to locate your Phone you just need to say Alexa, ‘find my lost phone’.

Step #9: Tap on Next.

Tap on Next

Step #10: Tap on that.

Tap on that

Step #11: Now, tap on Phone Call to add the Phone Call action service.

Tap on Phone Call

Step #12: Next, tap on Call my phone.

Tap on Call my phone

Step #13: Tap on Connect to connect Phone call to turn on Applets.

Tap on Connect

Step #14: Enter your phone number including area code. After entering the phone number you will receive a pin number, enter the pin to verify and go ahead.

Step #15: Enter the message that the automated voice service will speak when you answer the Phone call.

Step #16: Tap on Next.

Step #17: Check your IFTTT Applet and tap on Finish to confirm.

That’s all!!

Now just say, “Alexa, ‘find my lost phone,'” and soon your phone will start ringing or buzzing and eagerly awaiting for your answer.

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