How to Find a WiFi Password on Mac

For Mac users, finding a WiFi password is a daunting task. Once they set up password for their Wi-fi network at home or their own office, they hardly need to remember the password as they just have to connect their Mac with network by a single click. But when they have to connect a new device to their Wi-fi network, they need to enter password manually. This requires them to find a saved Wifi password on Mac.

Mac stores your Wifi password in Keychain Access; you need to go to this Keychain Access to find out Wifi password on Mac. Let’s checkout the steps to view saved Wifi Password on iMac or MacBook Pro/Air running macOS Sierra or macOS High Sierra.

How to Find Wifi Password on Mac

How to Find a Wifi Password on Mac

Step #1: Tap on Spotlight search from the top right corner.

Step #2: Type “Keychain Access” in search bar.

Step #3: Click on Passwords from the sidebar.

Click on Password

Step #4: Now, Type the network name in search bar and double click on it from search results.

Step #5: Click on Show Password.

Click on Show Password

Here you need to enter admin username and password to confirm your identity.

Enter Admin Password and Tap on ok

Step #6: Finally, the WiFi password will appear in the text box.

Finally you will see stored wifi password on mac

Sum up…

Note that Keychain Access also saves passwords of your applications, internet and web forms; you can access these passwords from Keychain Access. To save you from memorizing passwords, Apple offers a default Accounts and Passwords feature in iOS 11 Settings on iPhone and iPad.

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