For any Android phone user, space to save data is the prime concern. Though there are many phones available with 128GB or 256GB memory space, not all users can afford such high-end smartphones. SD card offers a good solution to deal with the space issue. But then users face another problem of Android phone not detecting SD card.

Users purchase SD card to fix insufficient storage available error on Android phone. While fixing the storage issue, they meet with another trouble of Android phone not detecting external SD card. You feel that you are thrown out of the frying pan into the fire. This single problem can be fixed with multiple solutions given below. Take each one after another; before going ahead, you can take the data stored on SD card by using another Android phone.

How to Fix Android Phone Not Detecting Micro SD Card Problem

Fix #1: Clean Your External SD Card

Since your SD card is a physical property of your phone, you need to keep it neat and clean. Dust or dirt can damage the SD card; follow this method to clean your external Micro SD card.

Step #1: Power off your phone and take out the SD card.

Step #2: Take a white-colored eraser made of rubber and rub the golden yellow portion on SD card; this part is made of copper.

Step #3: Once it is cleaned properly, you can fit the card into your Android phone and start the phone.

If your Android phone still does not recognize SD card, follow the next solution.

Fix #2: Erase SD Card from Memory

By erasing SD card from memory, your card becomes new. But before erasing the card, you can take the data by using another Android phone.

Launch Settings → Storage → Tap on ‘Erase SD Card’ option.

Now insert the SD card into your device and check its status.

Fix #3: Use Computer to Diagnose the Issue

Step #1: Connect your Android phone with computer using USB cable.

Step #2: Choose the Mass Storage Mode instead of Media Transfer Mode on your smartphone.

Step #3: Next, open Windows Explorer and double-click on SD Card driver.

Step #4: Then, head to Properties → Tools → Error Checking and wait until the process is finished.

Step #5: After performing above steps, uninstall the SD card from your Android phone; after a couple seconds, insert the card into your phone and check the status of your external SD card.

Fix #4: Format your SD Card

As mentioned above, erasing and formatting your SD card may remove your data stored on the card. Therefore, it is advisable to take the data by using a computer. You can connect your Android phone to a Windows PC; create a folder on the computer and then copy-paste the data from your SD card into the newly created folder.

Once your data is stored into a folder on PC, you can format the SD card.

Open Settings → Storage → Format SD Card.

After the card is formatted, take it out and re-insert it after a few seconds. It will take another few seconds for your phone to identify the SD card. This probably resolves the issue of Android phone not recognizing SD card.

We are sure that one of the four fixes can solve the issue of Android phone will not recognize SD card. If the problem persists, you can take your phone to any authorized engineer or service station.

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