If Apple Pay Cash Account Locked or Restricted ? Here is a Fix

You have successfully set up Apple Pay Cash on your iPhone, and now you want to send or request money to your friends via iMessage. But alas! You come to know that your Apple Pay cash account locked.

Note that Apple Pay Cash account restriction and locked are two different situations. Both the situations do not give you similar results. So what is the fundamental difference between account lock and restriction?


How to Remove Lock or Restriction from Apple Pay Cash Account on iPhone

Get to know the difference between Locked and Restricted Apple Pay Account

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Account restriction doesn’t stop you from transferring Apple Pay Cash balance to your bank; moreover, with your restricted Apple Pay Cash account, you can always make purchases in stores, within apps, and on the web.

In a completely different situation, when your Apple Pay Cash account is locked, you cannot make purchases; in addition to this, you cannot add, send and receive money, neither can you transfer money in your account.

What should you do to fix Apple Pay Cash account is locked or restricted?

Step #1: When you come to know that your account is sealed or restricted, you need to open Wallet app on your iOS devices or Apple Watch and verify your identity.

On iPhone: Launch Wallet app and tap on your Apple Pay Cash card.

On iPad: Launch Settings → Wallet & Apple Pay→ tap Apple Pay Cash card.

On Apple Watch: Launch Watch app on your iPhone → tap Wallet & Apple Pay → tap Apple Pay Cash card.


Step #2: You will find the option to Verify Identity or contact Apple Support; tap on Verify Identity and follow the on-screen steps.


In case your account is locked or restricted even after verification…

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If the above verification process fails to yield any result, you need to contact Apple Support for further help.

Apple Pay Cash is a sound system to send and receive money to and from your friends. This technical glitch can hamper the smooth process at any time. If you want to explore this feature more, check our dedicated guides on Apple Pay Cash given below:

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