Quick Solutions When Wifi Disconnecting from Google Home Devices

You have made the most of Black Friday deals and brought home 2-3 Google Home devices. Initially, it was all smooth sailing for you as you have enjoyed its coolest features.

But then your Google Home device begins to hiccup. Many users have complained of Google Home WiFi dropping continuously.

This is one of the glaring issues Home can ever face as Wi-fi is the backbone of any such smart speakers.  Have you faced this issue of WiFi disconnecting from Google Home and Google Home Mini devices?

If your Google Home WiFi keeps dropping off the connection, you can follow the below-mentioned solutions to fix the issue.


How to Fix Google Home WiFi Dropping / Disconnecting Issue

Unplug and Reboot Google Home

Rebooting Google Home Device to Fix Wifi dropping

One of the easiest ways to fix the Wi-fi disconnection issue on Google Home is to unplug and reboot your Google Home device. Simply unplug the power cord from Google Home device and after one minute, plug the power cord back in.

Then follow the steps on your smartphone or tablet:

Step #1: You need to ensure that your device is connected with the same Wi-fi network as your Google Home.

Step #2: Now, launch the Google Home app on your phone/tablet.

Step #3: Next, tap on the Hamburger button from the top left corner and then tap on Devices.

Alternatively, you can directly tap on Devices icon from the top right corner of your phone/tablet. This will show you available devices.

Step #4: Here, you need to scroll to find the device card for the device you want to reboot.

Step #5: Then, from the top right corner of the device card, tap on Menu → Settings.

Step #6: Last, from the top right corner of ‘Device settings page’, tap on More → Reboot.


Connect Google Home to Other Wi-fi Network

It goes without saying that you need a damn strong Wi-fi network to run 2-3 Google Home devices and an equal number of phones and tablets to use smart speakers. Moreover, one of your members may also have connected his/her laptop with the same Wifi network.

In this situation, your Wi-fi network is likely to begin to falter. Here, you can connect your Google Home with another Wi-fi network. Sometimes, this can solve your problem.


Restart Router

If changing the Wi-fi network doesn’t give you any good results, you can try restarting the router. Just give it a try, though it sounds quite a funny suggestion.

Probably, your router begins to emit stronger signals your Google Home badly needs. It takes less than a minute to switch off and switch on your router.


Reset Router

resetting wifi router

When restarting router fails, go for resetting your Wi-fi router. Check a small button that you need to press to reset your router.

It has been noticed that users have lost some router configurations after reset. If this happens to you, call your network engineer and get the router reset.


Rename Router

Check the manual or user guide that came along with your router; follow the steps given in the user guide to rename your Wi-fi router. Alternatively, you can call a network engineer to get a router renamed.


Change Password

changing router password

Again, you need to take help from the user guide of your router. The process differs from one router to another, and hence it is difficult to explain here.


Full Factory Reset

In the last resort, you can go for a full factory reset of your Google Home.

You can reset your Google Home to factory settings from the Google Home device. Simply press and hold the Microphone On/Off button available on the rear of this smart speaker; hold it for 15 odd seconds.

Upon this, your Home device tells you that it is going to be reset. Continue holding the button and it will be reset to factory data settings.

When your Google Home finishes this rebooting process, you can set it up once again.

Still, the problem persists? It is time to contact Google Support.


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