Auto-correct problems on your Google Pixel 2 can ruin your relationship. During your continuous chat, you may be typing texts fast, and by mistake, you send something that you should not. It is not your fault at all; you can blame autocorrect issue on your Pixel 2 smart phone. Normally, this thing happens with users who type fast on their devices. If you are someone who has recently migrated to Pixel from Samsung or iPhone, you must check this tutorial that deals with how to fix Google Pixel 2 autocorrect problems.

With all its bona fide, autocorrect feature actually lends you a helping hand. While you are typing something, it presents you with some suggestions, thinking that you want to type the word offered by autocorrect. However, you may have another word in your mind. In hurry, you may press that word given by autocorrect and it gives you hell.

How to Fix Autocorrect Problems on Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

How to Fix Autocorrect Problems on Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Many users have fascination for Google’s own Gboard keyboard; there is nothing wrong in using this excellent keyboard. But you need to configure settings in a decent manner. For the best typing experience, you have to do this.

Step #1: Launch an app where you have to type something; for example, open message app or email app on your Google Pixel 2.

Step #2: When keyboard appears, you need to tap and hold the microphone or “/” icon.

This will give you more options and you can see a settings button, which looks like a cogwheel.

Step #3: Tap on the settings button and go to the Gboard keyboard settings.

Step #4: Now, search and choose text correction option.

Google Pixel 2 Text Correction Keyboard Options

This shows you how you can control keyboard and how it works and acts.

To your surprise, autocorrect is already there and enabled and it is accompanied by some other helpful settings. There is next-word suggestions also; however, users don’t like this and normally they keep it turned off on their Pixel devices. Next-word suggestions works on previous word to help you guess what you want to type next. Upon hitting space bar, the word is automatically entered.

Google uses machine learning to guess what you want to type in your conversations. Over a period of time, the keyboard begins to supply personalized suggestions, next word suggestions, and also fetches contact names from your phone diary. Of course, these features are useful in this fast-paced world but they come at the cost of autocorrect problems. In its efforts to help you, the keyboard causes issues for you.

You are recommended to keep next-word suggestions turned off; however, don’t disable autocorrect feature as this can help you type spellings correctly. Note that ‘next-word suggestions’ is the real culprit and creates most autocorrect problems on your Pixel devices.

Gboard settings offer other useful features you should explore while you are here. Apart from autocorrect and next-word suggestions, you should check offensive words. In fact, you need to keep this feature on as it doesn’t suggest potentially offensive words while you are typing, especially when you are surrounded by kids in your family. Emoji suggestions are always welcome to spice up your conversations with your loved ones; so keep it on always.

From the main settings, you can choose Dictionary. Here, you can type some unique names of words you frequently use in your conversations. Your keyboard will remember those words and provide you necessary help. By doing this, you can control autocorrect as it will not replace unique words. When your Gboard is trained by you as you have added some words to the dictionary, your interaction with messages apps is way far easier and faster.

Remember, if you use a different keyboard altogether, you will still face this autocorrect issue to a degree. Hence, follow the above method to fix Google Pixel 2 autocorrect problems on your device or simply turn off autocorrect from settings.

How to Disable Google Pixel 2 Autocorrect Feature if its not working

Step #1: Launch Settings app on your Phone.

Step #2: Tap on System.

Step #3: Next tap on Language, input & gestures.

Step #4: Now tap on Virtual keyboard.

Step #5: Tap on Gboard.

Step #6: Tap on Text correction.

Step #7: Finally, turn off Auto-correction option.

Just in case you want to enable it again, simply turn On Auto-correction switch again.

That’s it!

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