How to Fix Google Pixel 2 Cannot Send or Receive Text Messages or SMS

I have always put default or stock message app on pedestal for a simple reason: what if Wi-fi or cellular network is not available? There is only one way left to communicate with others, and it is your age-old message app and not your data-consuming WhatsApp or Messenger apps.

Well, but you are living in a digital world, where electronic devices may go phut. And this happens with our premium Android device, i.e. Google Pixel 2. If recent complaints are to be believed, Google Pixel 2 cannot send or receive text messages or SMS.

The issue has cropped up especially after many Android users have updated their devices to the latest software update.

It is noticeable that almost all high-end smartphones have become glitch-proof, and in this age, such technical defects can spoil your experience, especially after spending a few hundred bucks on a luxury device.

Moreover, many issues arise from some reason, but a problem like message app not working doesn’t have any origin. Even if I list a few reasons, it would be shots in the dark. Your Google Pixel 2 cannot send or receive SMS or text messages for several reasons.

You can blame your network or carrier (mobile service provider); or this problem may have occurred from account issue, SIM card issue, software defect, incorrect settings or software updates. Such issues are normally connected with software of your Android device.

Sending and receiving text messages can be interrupted by network issue; but then this will also hamper other services related to network. For example, if your network throws tantrums, you may not even use your phone app to make and receive calls.

You can also check the SIM card whether or not it is damaged inside the tray. If your SIM card is damaged, you will receive a message of text message delivery failed or cannot receive text messages. Read this error message carefully and then take action accordingly.

One of the important reasons for SMS problems on Google Pixel 2 is considered to be faulty update; according to many Android experts, a number of Google Pixel 2 users have faced text message issue following the Android 8.0 Oreo update.


How to Fix Cannot Send or Receive Text Messages on Google Pixel 2 After Android 8.0 Oreo Update  

Instead of waiting for the next update rolled out by Google to fix this SMS issue, you should try one of the solutions given below so that you can send and receive messages from your Pixel 2 Phone.

Before you perform below-mentioned workarounds, you should charge your Pixel 2 to 100% as it may take time to fix the issue.

Soft Reset

ways to fix google pixel 2 cannot send or receive text messages

Let’s start with a very basic solution; if this works, why you should go with other solutions. Simply shut down your device and then start it again after a couple of minutes.

Step #1: Press and hold the power button seen on the right corner.

Step #2: Now tap on the option to power off.

Step #3: Next, press and hold the Power button again at least for 10 odd seconds or until your phone restarts.


Remove And Insert SIM Card

You can fix some minor SIM card issues by removing and reinstalling the card on your Pixel 2 device. This will also help you fix problems of sending or receiving calls, or connecting your phone to internet.

Step #1: Turn off your Pixel 2.

Step #2: Remove the SIM card tray by pushing a paperclip or SIM eject tool in the round opening on tray.

Step #3: Take your SIM card out of the tray and then put it back properly.

Step #4: Finally, push that SIM tray inside your phone.

Now you can switch your phone on, and write an SMS; try to send it by tapping on Send button to one of your phone contacts.

Once your message is delivered successfully, ask the recipient to send you some message. If you receive the message, have fun!


Clear App Cache and Data

ways to clear app cache and data

There are countless websites and offline services that keep sending spam messages; basically, they carpet-bomb their target audience. But not all advertisers have good intentions; some have malicious minds as they want to trick you in.

Well, as a smart user, you never take action on such messages; but this obviously stores cache in your device. If you have received any corrupt file or message on your message app, you need to remove it as soon as possible.

If you clear cache, you will delete some data temporarily from certain apps on your Pixel 2; while clearing data means removing app’s data forever.

However, the second option will remove customized settings of your phone; therefore, you are advised to take a backup of your data.

Step #1: Launch Settings app on your Pixel 2.

Step #2: Now tap on Apps & Notifications.

Step #3: Next, you need to tap on See All Apps.

Step #4: Find the Messaging app and tap on it.

Step #5: Tap on Storage.

Step #6: Finally, tap on Clear Data or Clear Cache.

Once your device clears cache and data, you should reboot your Pixel 2. When your phone is ready to use, compose a message and send it to your friends.

Also, ask your friend to send a reply on that message so that you get to know you can send and receive messages on your Google Pixel 2.


Reset Network Settings

google pixel 2 network settings

Before you go for network reset, you can reboot the network equipment – modem/router. Then, you can go for forget network on your device before reset network settings.

When you reset your phone’s network settings, the process will erase Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and cellular network settings; this will include saved network and passwords on your device. So get set for resetting network settings on your Google Pixel 2.

Step #1: Tap on Arrow Up symbol on your device’s home screen to view all apps.

Step #2: Now tap on Settings.

Step #3: Next, tap System.

Step #4: You need to tap on Reset.

Step #5: From the options, you need to choose Network settings reset.

Step #6: Tap on Reset Settings to continue.

Step #7: You may be asked to enter your device passcode, PIN, or pattern.

Step #8: Tap Reset Settings once more to confirm your action.

Let the process get finished and then you should reboot your Pixel 2 device.


Factory Reset

factory reset google pixel 2

When you choose Factory Reset, you must take a backup of your device as this process will make your phone a fresh piece again, as if it came directly from Google’s factory.

This process is known to fix a lot of small and major issues like frozen displays, crashing apps, touchscreen issues, syncing, calling and texting problems. When your Pixel 2 is factory reset, you will have to set up and configure your phone from the scratch.

Step #1: Shut down your device.

Step #2: Press and hold Power and Volume down buttons at the same time until you see bootloader mode on your device (the bootloader mode shows an Android with Start on your phone screen). When you see bootloader mode, release both buttons.

Step #3: Tap the Volume buttons to choose Recovery mode from the option.

Step #4: Now you need to press Power button to confirm your selection.

Step #5: Your Pixel 2 device will be flashed with Google start screen for couple of seconds and then it will restart in Recovery mode.

Step #6: If you see a broken Android bot image with No Command label on Pixel 2 screen, you need to press and hold Power button and press Volume Up button once then release Power button.

Step #7: On the Android recovery screen, you need to choose Wipe data/factory reset. You can use Volume buttons to choose the option.

Step #8: Tap on Yes.

You need to wait until the factory data reset process is complete. You may have to wait for several minutes; this time depends on the data you have stored on your Android device.

Step #9: Next, you need to choose Reboot system now and wait for your device to boot up completely.

Step #10: At last, go for initial activation and set-up of your device.


Use Settings Menu to Factory Reset Google Pixel 2

You can also use Settings menu to Factory Reset your Pixel 2 device.

Step #1: First off, tap on Arrow Up icon from home screen of Pixel 2.

Step #2: Settings → System → Reset.

Step #3: Here, you need to choose Factory data reset option.

Step #4: Next, you need to tap on Reset Phone to continue.

Step #5: You may be asked to enter the passcode for your Pixel device.

Step #6: Finally, you need to tap Erase Everything to confirm your action.

When your phone is factory reset, go for initial set up and activation. And then compose a text message to send it to your contacts. Also ask the recipient to send reply on the message.

If you have just switched from iPhone to Google Pixel 2, then don’t forget to deregister iMessage.

If you are sure that the issue has begun after the latest software update, you need to contact Google Support or your carrier to bring it to their attention.

They try their best to resolve the issue on their end, but in case the issue persists, you should switch to another message app on your Google Pixel 2.


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