Google Play Store is your one-stop shop to download many free and paid items like books, movies, apps, games, music and more. This Google Play Store comes as default app in many Android smartphones; if it is not available, you can download it on your device.

Apps & games on the Play Store get frequently updated on the store; and sometimes the store itself gets updated by Google. But the play store throws tantrums at times when you download or update any app. Users have noticed Google Play Store 927 error on their devices; with this error, you won’t be able to download any app on your device. It is advisable to fix this error as soon as possible.

Following are some methods to fix Google Play Store error 927. Apply each method religiously and check the results.

How to Fix Google Play Store Error 927 on Android Device

How to Fix Google Play Store Error 927 on Android

Method #1: Remove App Cache

Whenever you open an app and works with it, the app creates cache data in the background; in a day, you open many apps on your Android and thus, unwittingly piles up a lot of cache. This naturally slows down your device performance. You need to clear app cache from your Android phone.

Step #1: Launch Settings app on Android smartphone.

Step #2: Tap on Applications.

Step #3: Now tap on Application manager (this option may be absent in many Android devices). In this case, users will see a list of default and downloaded apps in the Applications menu.

Step #4: From the list of applications, tap on Google Play Store.

Step #5: Here, you will see two tabs: CLEAR DATA & CLEAR CACHE.

Step #6: Tap on both tabs one by one. Note that in many devices the above two tabs are given under Storage tab.

This process takes in multiple steps, and therefore, smart users download Android assistant which takes care of this cleaning exercise.

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Download Assistant for Android app on your Android smartphone. Once the app is downloaded and installed on your Android device, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step #1: Open the app Assistant for Android.

Step #2: Tap on System Clear option.

Step #3: Now tap on CLEAR SELECTED.

The app may ask you Accessibility permission; give the necessary permission to this app.

Step #4: Now come back to the main menu and tap on Tools from the upper menu.

Step #5: Tap on Cache Cleaner from several tabs available in the Tools.

This will start the procedure of gathering all cache files on your Android device. Once this procedure is completed, tap on CLEAR ALL.

All cache files on your Android smartphone will be deleted immediately.

Update Google Play Store

The world of technology never stops; frequently, there are updates and upgrades. Google Play Store is just a part of this technology juggernaut, and therefore, it is regularly updated by Google. You should keep an eye on Google Play Store updates; if you are using the older version, you need to use the latest one. Click on this link and download the latest Google Play Store 6.8.20.F APK.

Delete Unwanted Apps

Create some space on your Android phone by removing unnecessary apps that occupy space on your device. Frequently clear your phone so that you can download necessary and useful apps. Please note that when your device is left only with 200 MB space, it will start receiving Google Play Store error 927. In this case, you can either go for manual cleaning spree on your device or download Android APK Installer. This will automatically clear space on your Android phone. This APK Installer will also help you increase internal storage capacity of your device.

Did you ever face Google Play Store error 927? What measures did you take to solve the issue? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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