Apple iTunes error 9006 sometimes appear while downloading an update or restoring an iPhone or iPad. The iTunes error message will state that the iPhone ran into a problem while downloading software attached with a message “An unknown error occurred (9006)”. Occasionally the message may look like “error = 9006” next to a failed download session.

Apple iTunes download error 9006 may occur due to failure in connecting with the internet, non-establishment with the iOS update servers, abortion in download, or malfunction of USB ports. With some elementary troubleshooting, this problem can be overcome and resolved permanently. Let’s jump in to fix iTunes error code 9006 while updating to iOS 11 or restoring backup.

How to Fix iTunes Error 9006 While Updating:Restoring iPhone or iPad

How to Fix iTunes Error 9006 When Updating/Restoring iPhone and iPad

Before we start digging in for the solution, make sure router is configured correctly and does not lose frequent internet connectivity. If you are using an Ethernet cable directly, do check that it is plugged in tightly. Check that your Mac or Windows PC is up to date. The latest version of iTunes must be installed and all the USB ports must be working correctly. Now we’re set to go.

Quick Fix: 1

Restart your PC or iPhone and turn off the Firewall and Antivirus temporarily and pursue the following steps –

Step #1: Quit iTunes from your devices.

Step #2: Disable the firewall and Antivirus software.

Step #3: Restart your Mac or Windows PC and iPhone at the same time.

Step #4: Connect your iOS device with the PC via Charging Cable.

Step #5: Again start the update or restore your device again.

This is one of the procedures to resolve iTunes network error 9006. If the steps haven’t worked out, follow the second quick fix.

Quick Fix: 2

A more progressive solution is using the IPSW software. It lets you switch between iOS versions freely. The concept is simple; you have to delete the failed IPSW file and download a new one instead to update your iPhone. Before we move on, manually delete any old IPSW firmware from the iTunes from your PC or Mac.

Now, proceed with the following steps:

Step #1: Download the IPSW file on your PC for the exact iOS device you are using i.e., iPhone or iPad.

Step #2: Connect the device with your PC via USB cable.

Step #3: Launch iTunes from your PC and select your iPhone from menu in the top left corner.

Step #4: If you are using Mac, hold the “OPTION” and “Command Key” and click on the “Restore” button.

For Windows PC, you need to hold the SHIFT button in keyboard and then click the “Restore” on iTunes at the same time.

Step #5: Browse and select the IPSW file you have downloaded earlier.

If you have followed the above steps in the correct order, it is likely to resolve your problem about ‘how to fix error 9006 on iTunes’. Hope the agenda have helped you and if you are still facing the same issue, try to perform it over a different network in a different PC.

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