After spending a few hundred bucks on buying a smartphone, you are not ready to face any irritating trouble like your phone is randomly restarting. But such things happen with the latest smartphone – whether it’s your iPhone 7 or Galaxy S8. Unfortunately, for many Galaxy S8 users, they are fed up with an error: Samsung Galaxy S8 randomly reboots.

We are living in a world that is highly unpredictable. Digital gadgets can go maverick at any time, and therefore, you should be prepared to face such issues. Recently, users have also faced a battery drain issue on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. And now the same users are experiencing another issue as their Samsung Galaxy S8 is randomly restarting.

How to Fix Galaxy S8 Random Restart Problem.

A user raises this question on Samsung US Community page and there are nearly 280 replies to the issue. In this question, the user claimed that her (the profile icon says the user is female) phone was restarted for seven times in about 10 hours. Another user of Galaxy S8 notes that his/her S8’s “screen will have some artefacts appear (nearly always on the bottom) then it just restarts.”

Surprisingly, there is no official statement from Samsung. However, there are some solutions began to float on social forums. A common solution can be drawn is that micro SD cards wreak havoc in your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. If you are using Micro SD card and facing this issue, you need to remove the card as soon as possible and then restart your phone. But then there are many users, who don’t use Micro SD cards and still facing this issue. Well, in that case, they have to wait for the release of official statement in near future. Let’s hope the Galaxy S8 never meets the fate of Note 7.

The user, who raised a question in Samsung US Community, noticed that the phone randomly restarted when camera app or Samsung themes app freezes while in use.

Samsung is facing strong criticism from users as its flagship phone is supposed to run smoothly without any technical glitch. Samsung is rolling out a fix for the issue of red dot on screen, and now a fresh trouble is in the offing. It seems that Samsung is passing through a really bad phase; this is the right time to do some in-depth research on its products, technology, and manufacturing. At least, people would find a good solution to the issue of Galaxy S8 Random Reboots!

Let’s hope Samsung releases a quick fix to solve Galaxy S8 random restart issue. Is your Samsung Galaxy S8 randomly restarting? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.


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