10 Ways to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working

So, you are also not getting notifications from Instagram? Well, this happened to me a while back, and trust me, it made me go crazy! Although Instagram has been continuously updating different features on the app, it still signs up for technical glitches here and there. Getting no notification is one of them.


Why Am I Not Getting Instagram Notifications? – 10 Quick Fix!

If you have noticed that you are missing notifications on Instagram, here are some quick solutions that you can go for!


Solution 1: Check Your Internet Connection

Fixing Not Getting Instagram Notifications - Check Internet Connection


Sometimes we miss the forest for the woods. The reason why you are not receiving notifications may be because you don’t have a stable internet connection. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, you need to check if the Wi-Fi signal is active or strong.

On the other hand, if you are using mobile data, you need to check if you have any issues with the data connection. If you have run out of a data package, you may find that the connection is discontinued.

So, check if you have a stable internet connection or not. If not, then reestablish the connection for a smooth Instagram experience.


Solution 2: Check the Push Notifications on Instagram

Fixing Not Getting Instagram Notifications - Check the Push Notifications on Instagram


You may have accidentally turned off the push notification from the Instagram App. To turn it on, here’s what you need to do. Go to the Profile icon on the bottom right and go to settings.

From Settings, pick Notifications.

Here, you will find a number of different notification settings that you can customize. You need to explore each and every notification to find if any of the notifications are turned off. For instance, in my Instagram profile settings, I can see that under the Following and Followers settings, any notification for a new follower is turned off,

All you need is to tap on the ‘On’ button to turn the notification on. Similarly, you can also turn notifications on for other notification settings.

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Solution 3: Check Notification Settings on Your Phone

Fixing Not Getting Instagram Notifications - Check Notification Settings on Your Phone


Another way you may have turned the notification option off is from your smartphone’s setting. To make sure you have turned all the notifications on for Instagram, go to the Settings > Notifications. In the Notification Style section, locate Instagram.

Turn all the buttons on to allow the app to send notifications to you. If some of the buttons are turned off, that’s the reason you have not been getting any response from the app.

If you are using an Android phone, you need to go to the Settings > App Management > App List.

From here, select the Instagram app and choose Manage Notifications.

Then turn on the notification by toggling the ‘Allow Notifications’ button.

That’s it! Now you will be able to get notifications from Instagram.


Solution 4: Clear the Cache

Another possible fix for the notification error is clearing the cache on your phone. If you are using iPhone, you need to remove the Instagram app from your phone and reinstall it.

If you have an Android phone, you can simply go to the settings app and clear the cache from there. It’s simpler.


Solution 5: Turn off Do Not Disturb Mode

Fixing Not Getting Instagram Notifications - Turn off Do Not Disturb Mode


The Do Not Disturb mode is actually meant to silence the phone from any type of distraction. It can turn your ringer off and also make sure no notification from any app will bother you.

If you have somehow turned on the Do Not Disturb Mode, you can turn it off by simply dragging the notification panel from the top. You will find the Do Not Disturb option turned on. Simply tap on it to turn it off.


Solution 6: Log Out from Instagram Account and Log in

Another way you can solve the notification issue is to log out of your Instagram account and log in again. Go to the Three dots on the top right of the app. Then select Settings.

Find the Log Out option at the bottom of the screen and tap it to log out. Now, wait for a few seconds and log back in. Hopefully, this will solve your issue right away.


Solution 7: Disable Low Power Mode

Fixing Not Getting Instagram Notifications - Disable Low Power Mode


When your phone is running low on batteries, it automatically enables the low power mode to save battery power. This limits different options of the phone, including notifications from a number of apps.

Go to the Settings and scroll down to find Battery. Opening up, you will find the Low Power Mode. Toggle the button on the right to turn it off. That’s it; you will now be able to receive notifications from Instagram.

By the way, you will need to plug the device into the charger to recharge the phone so that it doesn’t enter into Low Power Mode again.


Solution 8: Enable Background Refresh

Enabling the background refresh option is yet another way to keep the notification bells ringing! Go to the Settings > General and scroll down to the Background App Refresh.

Make sure the Instagram app is toggled on for the background refreshing. This way, it will keep notifying you with every activity related to your activities on Instagram.


Solution 9: Restart Your Phone

Fixing Not Getting Instagram Notifications - Restart Phone


This is the old-school formula that you can easily apply. If you don’t hear any notification bell, simply turn the phone off and restart it. For iPhone, you need to shut the device down and reboot it. For androids, you will have a restart option if you press the power button on the side.


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Solution 10: Update the App

Fixing Not Getting Instagram Notifications - Update Instagram App


Sometimes, if the Instagram app isn’t updated, a few glitches here and there are natural. So, check the App Store or Google Play to see if the app has any updates available. If yes, then update it right away.


Bonus Solution: Update Phone Software

If nothing above works, you can try updating your phone’s software version. If there’s an update available, try updating it and then check the Instagram app. If it has been acting weird for a software-based bug, the problem should be solved instantly.



So, that’s all you can try out if the Instagram app is missing notifications. However, if nothing above works out, you may need to check for any hardware issue that may be causing this hamper. Try visiting a repair center for an inspection. Good luck!  

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