Flux Portable Charger: Sleek and Thin Design Wins Hearts of Smart Consumers

Power banks are essential smartphone accessories, but given the hefty size of portable chargers, people turn blind eyes to this extremely useful device. If size and weight are two things you hate in power banks, you should check this Flux portable charger.

Normally, portable chargers’ physical features largely depend on the capacity they have. So if you buy a power bank that has more than 25000mAh battery capacity, it has to be bulky. There are many iPhone and Android portable chargers available on the market, and they do not satisfy customers on look and feel quotient. Perhaps therefore, makers of Flux have come up with this compact power bank.

Flux Portable Charger for iPhone, iPad and Android

Compact Design

Flux portable charger can easily cheat any consumer by its size and look; it is hard to make out whether it is a power bank or a mobile phone in your hand. A first look tells you that it is a smartphone. The compact size of this power bank creates this impression. Moreover, anybody can be taken in by the dimensions: 135mm x 70mm x 12.8mm. However, its weight, which is 210g, will tell you that you have got a power bank in your hands.

Battery Capacity

Flux has manufactured two portable chargers with different battery capacity; we have got a Flux portable charger 10000mAh; however, you can also go for Flux portable charger 4000mAh. The power bank gets charged up in 4 hours (this is quite ok as my Vinsic portable charger takes 8 to 10 hours to get charged). Once the charger is powered up, you can give 3 full charges to your Android or iPhone. This makes Flux power bank an ideal gadget to keep with when you are on a small trip on a nearby beach.

Ultra-Thin and Sleek

Users today ask for design. A gadget like power bank needs to be eye-catching; before its specifications and features speak about it, design has to speak. The ultra-thin and sleek design of Flux portable charger is enough to impress any user. The power bank is available in black and white colours. Though we have got a white-coloured product, we wish we had got a black one. White shade apparently gets dirty immediately; anyone can notice stains and fingerprints on white. On the contrary, a black Flux power bank shines more everywhere.

Charge USB Devices

Apart from your iPhone and Android smartphones, Flux portable charger can charge all your USB devices. This list includes your Bluetooth wireless headphones, iPad, tablets, iPhone 4, 4s, 3GS, LG G3, Nexus, HTC One, MOTO X, and other portable chargers. Don’t forget to check the two built-in cords that are snugly fitted into the power bank on both sides. You need to open the two cords to charge your Android and iPhone. And you can charge both devices simultaneously with this portable power bank.

Flux power bank wins hearts of consumers by all its features and specifications. The most important feature of this power bank is its compact design. You can keep this power bank in your pocket or in your travel bag; this doesn’t occupy your space. With its sleek and thin design, it doesn’t add bulk to your travel bag.

Flux Portable Charger 10000mAh

Flux Portable Charger 4000mAh

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