iOS 11 has made Apple Music more social as you can set up and modify user profile in Apple Music. There is another feature you would love to explore in this updated Music app. You can now follow friends on Apple Music on iPhone or iPad.

In addition to follow friends on Apple Music, you can search for friends on Apple Music, use Apple Music’s recommended friends, and unfollow someone on Apple Music. Follow this complete guide to experience Apple Music in a ‘social’ way.

How to Follow and UnFollow Friends on Apple Music on iPhone or iPad

How to Follow Friends on Apple Music

After setting up profile in Apple Music, you would certainly like to follow or connect with your friends, who are using Apple Music.

Step #1. Launch Apple Music App on your iOS device.

Step #2. Tap on For You tab.

Step #3. Tap on your Profile Picture.

Step #4. Tap on Find More Friends option.

Step #5. Tap on Follow from the list of friends to follow the friends you like.

Step #6. Once again tap on Find More Friends. You can also select any social networking sites to find more friends.

How to Use Apple Music’s Recommended Friends Feature

Step #1. Tap on Apple Music App from the Home screen.

Step #2. Now tap on For You tab.

Step #3. Next tap on Recommended Friends option located under Friends Are Listening To.

Step #4. Tap on Follow.

You can search friends by their name or their Apple Music nickname (@theirnickname) by using Apple Music’s default feature.

Step #1. Launch Apple Music App.

Step #2. Tap on Search icon.

Step #3. Search your friend by typing his/her name or nickname.

Step #4. Tap on Friend’s Name in People that pops up as users.

Step #5. If you have skipped above step, tap on Search.

Step #6. Go down to People at the bottom of search results.

Step #7. If you friend is not among the first three results shown under People, you can tap See All. In other case, you can skip to step 9 below.

Step #8. Go to the profile of your friends by tapping on your friend’s name.

Step #9. Finally, tap on Follow.

How to Unfollow Friends on Apple Music

Had an altercation with your friends? You would like to unfollow him/her on Apple Music. These things happen online, but you can always patch up with your old pals. For now, you can surely unfollow them.

Step #1. Launch Apple Music.

Step #2. Now tap on For You.

Step #3. Next, tap on your avatar from the upper right corner.

Step #4. Here, you need to tap on the person you want to unfollow.

Step #5. Simply tap on Following button under the name to unfollow that person.

Step #6. There is another way: tap — (dots) from the upper right corner.

Step #7. Finally, tap on Unfollow.

That’s it!

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