How to Force Close all Apps on iPhone X without Home Button

iPhone X is launched without home button and this has created much commotion in iPhone users, who have been using Touch ID for long. The absence of home button will obviously throw some challenges like how to use iPhone X without a home button and how to take screenshots on iPhone X. One of the important things users do on their iPhone is to close all open apps at once. When they feel that their iOS device has become slow, they perform this task with the help of physical home button. Since Apple has ditched the famous home button in its latest iteration, users wonder how to force close all open apps on iPhone X without home button.

To use your iPhone X without home button, you need to learn some tricks. This tutorial deals with three different methods to force close background running apps on iPhone X without home button.

How to Force Close All Apps on iPhone X Without Home Button

Use AssistiveTouch

If you have not enabled AssistiveTouch option in your iPhone, you need to do it first.

SettingsGeneralAccessibilityAssistiveTouch → AssistiveTouch toggle on.

Toggle ON AssistiveTouch

Now follow below-mentioned steps to force close apps on iPhone X without home button.

Once you enable AssistiveTouch button on your iPhone X, you can see a white round in dark square floating on your phone screen. To force quit apps on iPhone X, simply double-tap that AssistiveTouch round button and you can see all background running apps on your iPhone screen.

Here, you can force quit all apps by swiping each one up.

Method #1. Use Swipe-up Feature

In iPhone X, Apple has added a new feature for multitasking. You can use this feature to force close apps on your iPhone X.

Simply swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone X and hold for a split second in the middle of iPhone X screen. This action will display all apps you are busy with; here, you can easily force close apps by swiping each app one by one.

Method #2. Use AssistiveTouch

Your AssitiveTouch has a built-in multitasking feature, and you can use this facility to force close apps on iPhone X.

Step #1: Double tap on AssistiveTouch floating button.

Step #2: A menu opens on your phone screen with six different options: Notifications, Device, Control Center, Home, Siri, and Custom. You need to tap on Device.

Step #3: Another six options appear: Lock Screen, Rotate Screen, Mute, More, Volume Down, and Volume Up. Tap on More (three dots placed horizontally).

Step #4: Now you can see Multitasking option on your screen along with other options. Tap on Multitasking on your iPhone screen.

This will display all apps running in the background of your iPhone. Here, you can swipe up each app to force close it.

That’s it!

Is there any other way you can use to force close all apps on your iPhone X without home button? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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