Forgotten Restrictions Passcode on iPhone or iPad? How to Reset it

In this modern day and age, security is an extremely important issue. People desperately try to come up with clever passwords and codes to keep their devices secure from malicious or unwelcome curious individuals. But sometimes, you can overdo it, and end up securing your device from even yourself. You might recall a time when you forgot the restriction passcode to your own iPhone and ended up having to do a system restore. Not anymore! You can now simply find your forgotten Restrictions passcode on iPhone or iPad using iBackupBot.

iBackupBot is an amazing software that helps you retrieve your Restrictions passcode on iPhone or iPad; once you recover your Restrictions passcode, you can easily reset the passcode on your iPhone or iPad. In the process, you will not lose your data. It goes without saying that Apple has not included a fail-safe for turning off restrictions for times when users have forgotten the passcode.

However, here you will learn a method which you can use to turn off restriction or change the restriction passcode on your iPhone or iPad if you happen to forget them.

So without further ado, here are a few steps which you can follow to reset forgotten restrictions passcode on iPhone or iPad.

Things You Will Need:

Some things which you will need,

  1. An iPhone or iPad whose restriction passcode you forgot (obviously).
  2. You need to download iBackupBot on your Windows PC or Mac.
  3. And the last prerequisite would be downloading the latest version of iTunes.

How to Recover Forgotten Restrictions Passcode on iPhone and iPad

Step #1: First off, you need to backup your iPhone or iPad to iTunes on Mac. Note that you are not supposed to use ‘Encrypt iPhone backup’ option.

Step #2: Now you need to download iBackupBot on your Mac.

Step #3: When the software is downloaded on your Mac, move it to Applications folder.

Step #4: Open the software; it will take some time to load information of your device. Have some patience here!

Ignore the error message if it pops up.

Step #5: Next, check the folder seen at the top; open that folder and choose “System Files” folder.

Step #6: Choose HomeDomain from the list.

Step #7: Launch Library now.

Step #8: Click “Preferences”.

Step #9: Now is the time to find by using “” from search bar; next, tap on Return button.

Step #10: Check the file named and then click on it.

Step #11: You may be asked for your registration information. Here, you need to click OK, and then again click on OK. And then click on Cancel.

Your Mac will show you some information. Next, you are required to open in a new window.

Step #12: Head back to iBackupBot and copy the codes displayed under RestrictionsPasswordKey and RestrictionsPasswordSalt respectively.

Go back to the URL: and paste the RestrictionsPasswordKey and RestrictionsPasswordSalt on the fields given in the link. Do not touch Starting Passcode (0000) and Last Search Code (9999). Then, click on Search for Code button.

This will start searching the code; the process may take some time.

Once the code is found, a dialog box will display your four-digit Restrictions passcode.

It is done!

How to Restore iPhone/iPad Backup using iTunes

Not willing to use any third-party software? How would you recover Restrictions passcode?

You can restore your iPhone or iPad as new via iTunes. Here, you should be careful enough not to restore the device from the backup you took while using Restrictions Passcode. If possible, use backup you took before using this feature.

How to Reset Restrictions Passcode on iPhone and iPad

Once you have recovered the Restrictions passcode, you can reset restrictions passcode on iPhone and iPad by following this guide.

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