How to Get Adaptive Icons on Any Android Phone

Things have improved a lot since the launch of Android Oreo and users are getting flexible with their Android smartphones. Google is bringing newer additions to their Android versions and it is getting more adaptive day by day. After using such a beautifully designed OS, you may still find some flaws. The apps in your menu may not look neat because of their stock icon design. To resolve such little hindrances, Android Oreo (8.0) has introduced a new feature “Adaptive Icons”. You can get adaptive icon on any Android phone.

Once you get android Oreo adaptive icon on your Android phone, you will be able to customize the icons according to your need and bring some decency in the icon’s framework. Sadly, you won’t be able to use this feature unless your Android smartphone receives any update for Android Oreo. The update is only available to those who own Google Nexus or Pixel. But with so many third party apps in the market, we’ve managed to sort out a way to get the trick done without having to update your phone. Your phone must be running Android Lollipop (5.0) or higher in order to get the support of this feature.

How to Get Adaptive Icon on Any Android Phone

Adaptive Icons

The Adaptive icon feature gives you full access to readjust or remake your icon to any size or shape by applying different filters, layers, and masks upon them. To change the native look of the icon, you have to determine the background layer and the foreground layer. These layers will crop the icon to match the look you need. As this feature comes preloaded with Android 8.0, you won’t face any trouble customizing icons. If you are planning to do the same with the help of some third party apps, then you must know that icons will look a bit strange. This is because various OEM’s and Android launchers use their own individual masks for their stock applications.

Android developers have not yet marched this feature officially. This means that you have to wait till they fully embark and give you the freedom to completely mask an icon to look the same with all other apps. In addition, the background and foreground layers will have many visual effects to give a unique touch to your icons.

Install Adaptive Icons without Android Oreo

For those who are using older versions of Android and are still passionate about the latest features of their successor, Nova Launcher is the solution. It is a free app available for download from the Google Play Store. This launcher offers its users with loads of customization features. Recently, Nova Launcher has also rolled out the feature of Adaptive Icons with its new beta update. Let’s see how this new thing works.

Becoming a Beta Tester of Nova Launcher

The support for Adaptive Icon has commenced recently in this Launcher. A more reliable version will be available after a month’s wait. To use its features now, you have to install the beta version of Nova Launcher. Before doing so, you have to become a Beta Tester first. Go to the app’s Beta Play Store page and sign in with your account. On the page displayed, click on ‘BECOME A TESTER’. After it is done, the page will show that you are now a tester.

There is an option to this procedure and it is through Nova Launcher’s official page. On the displayed page, scroll down and find the latest beta version of this app. Download the APK file and install it on your Android smartphone.

Using the Adaptive Icons

Before you start using this app, keep in mind that this is the testing or the beta version. There may be glitches and bugs in this app. Let’s get on with the procedures:

Step #1: Install “Nova Launcher” on your smartphone.

Step #2: Open ‘Nova Settings’.

Step #3: Tap ‘Look & Feel’.

Step #4: Toggle the switch beside ‘Adaptive Icons’ to enable it.

Step #5: Tap ‘Adaptive Icon Shape’. From here, choose the shape that you want to give to your icons. Open app drawer to see the changes. The changes won’t be noticeable much as it is under developer mode.

To mask the legacy icons, go to Step 5 and toggle the switch beside “Mask legacy icons”. This option forcefully masks all the legacy icons in your app drawer.

That’s it! You have successfully changed the stock icon to your own choice of shape. It looks neat when all the icons are lined up with same shape and sizes. Developers will soon roll out the stable version of this app. It is expected that you will be prospered with more options of customization on its release. If your smart phone is running any backdated Android version, try Nova Launcher to maximize your limitations for unique feature like this one.

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