If you are a fan of Pixel devices from Google, you must agree that there aren’t any better smartphone in the market to compete with the software interface of the Pixel. Many users have already tried to customize their smartphones to make it look like it is running on Android Oreo. But there is nothing like the Pixel Launcher. Some people can’t afford to buy this premium smartphone, yet, want to enjoy its pleasure with the support of any third party app. For such users, here is how to download Google Pixel 2 launcher on any Android phone without installing APK.

This year Google has announced its successor, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. These two smartphones have accelerated hardware performance and moreover the incomparable user interface which will prove quite astonishing for anyone using Pixel 2 for the first time.

Well, now you can experience the premium feel by getting Google Pixel 2 Launcher look with the help of Nova Launcher. Go through the procedure below and discover how to install Pixel 2 Launcher on any Android device.

How to Get Google Pixel 2 Launcher on any Android Phone

Nova Launcher is the key to customization for Android smartphones. Obviously, there are many other Android launchers which do exist but this one makes it easier to customize your smartphone according to your need. Some features of this Launcher have to purchase from ‘in-app-purchase’. What we will demonstrate here will not involve any monetary transactions. Let’s get started…

Step #1: Open Google Play Store and download “Nova Launcher”.

Download and Install Nova Launcher

Step #2: Now launch Nova Launcher from the shortcut created on the home screen.

Tap on Nova Launcher Shortcut

Step #3: Keep tapping “NEXT” till the Launcher is set up. Do make it as your default launcher when this app asks. If your home screen stays the same after going through this process, tap on the Nova Launcher app once to change the look of your screen.

Step #4: Return to your home screen. Long press on any blank space of the screen and some options will pop below.

Step #5: Tap on “Settings”.

Tap on Settings

Step #6: Under Nova settings, select “App & Widget drawers”.

Tap on Apps and Widget Drawers

Step #7: Enable the toggle beside “Swipe to open” and disable the toggle beside “Swipe indicator”.

Toggle ON Swipe to open and Toggle OFF Swipe to Indicator

Step #8: Again return to the main page of Nova setting and tap on “Desktop”.

Tap on Desktop

Step #9: Tap on “Icon Layout”.

Tap on Icons

Step #10: Disable the toggle beside the option “Label”. This will remove the label under the icons in your home screen.

Step #11: Now set the padding of both “Width” and “Height” to medium.

Set Height and Width

Set Height and Width to Medium

Step #12: Scroll down further and tap on “Page indicator”. Select “None” from the options it displays.

Tap on Page indicator and Choose None

Step #13: Again return to the main settings page of the Launcher and tap on “Dock”.

Tap on Dock

Step #14: Select “Dock Background” and set the “Transparency” to 100%.

Tap on Dock Background and Make Transparency to 100%

The little details we have paid attention to is only for the sake of giving your smartphone the premium look of Pixel 2 Launcher. You can add further details on your home screen. Continue reading for more…

How to Edit Google Search Bar

Long press on your home screen and select settings option from below. Scroll the first row of widgets and select the Google search bar.

Scroll the first row of widgets and select the Google search bar

Drag and bring it to any desired place of your home screen. Long press the search bar to reveal a set of options.

Tap on resize and set it properly on your screen.

Tap on Resize and Make it proper

Once again, Long press the search bar and tap on “Edit”.

Tap on Edit

Choose how you want your bar to look like. Scroll down and change the “Logo Style” by selecting on the colored “G” options.

Make your customizations

How to Add Calendar on Home Screen 

Step #1: Download “Business Calendar 2” from the Play Store.

Download Business Calendar 2

Step #2: After opening the app, it will seek some permission. “Tap” on allow granting it. Keep on tapping the small arrow on the bottom right corner to progress through the pages.

Step #3: Now go to your home screen and long press it to open the widget options. Select the “Business Calendar” Widget from there and drag it to your home screen.

Drag Business Calendar Widget to Home Screen

Step #4: Long press on Google search widget and Tap on resize to fit the width of the screen.

Tap on Resize

Step #5: Tap on the tiny “Settings” icon on your calendar widget and tap on “COLORS” from the window opened below. Swipe the “Opacity “slider” towards the extreme left at 0%.

Tap on Settings

Step #6: Finally, tap on Save. This will give a transparency feel to the widget.

That’s it. You’ve successfully replicated the Pixel 2 Launcher on your Android Smartphone. The only thing remaining is to add wallpaper in the background which is available exclusively for Pixel devices. After you have done all this customizations, it will be hard for anyone to distinguish your phone with that of Pixel in the first glance.

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