Motion Photos are just like the Live Photos (on iPhones) which allows capturing 2 or 3 seconds of images with its motion. This feature is available exclusively on Pixel devices. Since many popular features of Google Pixel including this one have no confirmation on whether they will be hitting the other smartphones anytime soon, we have discovered an app which performs the same function. Now you can get Google Pixel 2 motion photos feature on any Android phone.

Motion Photos are more like GIFs but with a shorter motion recording time. The hype for Pixel 2 features is raging up and if you are interested in Getting Pixel 2 Motion Photos feature on your Android phone, go through the procedures below.

How to Get Google Pixel 2 Motion Photos on Any Android Phone

To get the best experience of taking live photos, you need to download third party app camera MX on your Android Phone.

Step #1: Download “Camera MX” from PlayStore.

Download and Install Camera MX

Step #2: Launch the app. Tap “Allow” to grant the permission it seeks.

Step #3: Once the camera is on, tap on the second icon from the top pane (the icon with three large dots).

Tap on three dots

Step #4: From the displayed options beside it, select “Live Shot”.

Tap on Live Shots

Step #5: On the next screen, tap on “TRY IT”.

Tap on Try it

Step #6: Press the capture button to take a Motion Photo.

Tap on Capture button to take motion photos

To view the Motion Photos you have taken, tap on the block of images at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Tap on images from the corner to view images

Select any image you want to view. Tap and hold the image to see the motion it recorded while capturing.

Select any photo and press and hold to view

You can further edit your Motion Photos by tapping on the “Pencil” icon on the top panel.

Tap on Pencil icon to edit motion photos

Motion Photos are good for capturing little memories you encounter in your everyday life.

It would have been better if other Android phones had this same feature embedded from the beginning. Since you have the solution, create memories with Motion Photos.

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