How to Get iPhone Assistive Touch on Android Phones

Some of Apple’s features are so cool that Android users want them on their Android enabled devices. For example, Android phone users want to get iPhone Assistive Touch on Android Phones to use virtual home button.

This Assistive Touch enables iPhone users to quickly access Home screen, control center and phone lock features. Moreover, this Assistive Touch is a great help when iPhone Home button is not working or becomes unresponsive.

For Android users, freestudio development team has developed an app that performs almost all the tasks an Assistive Touch can do on iPhone.

How to Get iPhone AssistiveTouch Feature on Android Phone

How to Get iOS Like Assistive Touch on Android Phones

Step #1: First off, download and install Assistive Touch Android app from Google Play Store.

Step #2: Now launch this app on your device and tap the button located in the middle of your device screen to ensure that service is enabled. Here, you will notice that Assistive Touch button is floating on the right edge of the screen. You are allowed to change background color of the pop-up by tapping on ‘Background’ on the same menu.

Note that when you change the background color, it will be reflected only on the Assistive Touch options that open in a small square on your device screen.

Step #3: Next, you need to go back to the main menu and choose ‘Icon’. A box will appear on the screen with 44 different icons you can set as Assistive Touch button. The options include round button, cat, owl, pug etc. You can select any character from the list and the same will be floating on your Android phone’s screen.

Step #4: Once the theme is set up, you can now add or remove items from the Assistive Touch menu.

Open the Settings and tap on Panel; here, you can replace an item with your choice of item. Simply tap on the item you want to change. You can see a list of different items to choose from. Tap on any item you wish to include and it will appear in the Assistive Touch panel.

Explore Your Android Phone with AssistiveTouch Virtual Button

After setting up the Assistive Touch panel, you can start using the button on your Android device. You can reach out to Apps, lock screen, screenshot, Phone Boost, Setting, Home, Back, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Rote Screen, Location, Volume Up/Volume Down, AirPlane, and Flashlight.

On your Assistive Touch panel, you will find a search option; you can enter the name of any app you want to access from there. And if you don’t want to type in the name, simply scroll up and down to browse all apps and tap on the app you like to open.

The only drawback of this Assistive Touch is that you cannot access this virtual button from the lock screen. So once you wake up your device, you have to unlock the screen by swiping/entering code or password or pattern. Next, you can use Assistive Touch virtual home button on Android phone.

Taken as a whole, the app is arguably the best alternative of iPhone AssistiveTouch virtual home button. If you are interested in getting iOS-like Control Center, which is another cool feature on iPhone and iPad, Google Play Store offers you many apps. By using any one app, you can get iOS-like Control Center on Android Phone.

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