Kids are angels for their parents, but sometimes these angels become devils when they use their pester power to surrender their parents. The only handy trick to shut kids’ mouth is to hand over a smartphone loaded with awesome games. You wish you had purchased some smartwatch for kids or GPS tracking device for kids.

Giving your phone to your kids sometimes creates boomerang effect if they press some buttons accidentally; this can uninstall some apps or install some objectionable contents if you have kept cellular data or Wi-Fi connection on.

To avert these situations, some leading brands have introduced Screen Pinning feature in the latest smartphones; once you enable this feature, you can stop kids and your inquisitive friends from accessing apps that include sensitive data. However, this feature doesn’t prevent kids from interacting with the screen of your phone.

Thanks to the development team of KidScrape, who developed an app that locks your Android phone’s screen to prevent kids from watching anything else than videos, which they love to watch. This app works in the way Guided Access feature works on iPhone.

How to Get iPhone’s Guided Access Feature on Android

Step #1: Touch Lock is an app that keeps your kids away from tapping or pressing wrong buttons on your smartphone. So first off, you need to download Touch Lock – Toddler Video on your phone.

Step #2: Upon launching the app, you will go through the set-up guide; on the third screen of this guide, the app will ask you to grant some permission and access to Touch Lock. You should give necessary access to this app so that it can lock your phone’s screen while your kids are watching videos.

In the Final Step, tap on ENABLE NOW button from the bottom; next, you will be landed on system settings menu, where you are supposed to choose Touch Lock. In the next screen, toggle the switch next to ‘Permit usage access’ option.

Step #3: Now go back to Touch Lock and tap on menu (three dots) from the top right corner and then tap on Settings.

On Settings screen, you will find some check boxes, from which you need to tap on Unlock guide box to disable this feature. If you keep this check box ON, other users get to know how to unlock the device.

Step #4: You can now give your phone to your kids or your inquisitive friends to watch videos on YouTube or any other apps. Simply tap on Play button and then swipe down from the top and tap on Touch Lock notification. This will lock your phone’s screen with immediate effect. Your kids or friends won’t be able to do anything on your phone. When you take your phone back, double-tap the semi-transparent small ball on the right side of the phone screen to unlock the screen.

This process doesn’t work on Netflix though; here, you need to open Netflix app and choose a show or movie. Before hitting the Play button, you need to tap on Touch Lock notification. Now you can tap the play button on the video; the Touch Lock app will lock the screen automatically. To unlock your phone, you can follow the same method as you did with YouTube; just double-tap the transparent ball when you take your phone back.

The feature is very important for Android users as they can save their personal information from prying eyes. At the same time, users can also expect some improvements in the future version to match the excellence of Apple’s Guided Access. After using Apple’s Guided Access on your Android phone, you can also get iPhone Assistive Touch button, get Android Nougat Folders in iOS 10, and iOS like Control Center on Android phone.

Hope you like this feature to get iPhone’s Guided Access feature on Android phone. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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