How to Get OnePlus 5T Face Unlock on Any Android Phones

Competition is heating up among smartphone makers. If you think that Apple is the only player that has introduced Face ID recognition in its flagship mobile, think again. OnePlus has challenged Apple’s authority as its 5T smartphone is equipped with Face Unlock feature. And experts believe the new feature is pretty fast. Obviously, there are many users who love to use this feature on their Android devices if they don’t want to own OnePlus 5T. So here is how to get OnePlus 5T Face Unlock feature on any Android phone or device.

To use OnePlus 5T Face Unlock on any other Android device, you must have your Android phone running on Android Lollipop (5.0) and above. Note that the method works on Smart Lock feature introduced in Android Lollipop 5.0. You have to ensure that you set up a screen lock by using a PIN, Pattern or Password on your Android device.

How to Get OnePlus 5T Face Unlock on Any Android Phones

How to Get OnePlus 5T Face Unlock on Any Android Phones

Step #1: First off, launch SettingsSecuritySmart Lock. Here, you need to enter your PIN or password.

Step #2: Tap on Trusted Face from the list of Smart Lock settings.

Step #3: You need to tap on ‘Set up’ in the next screen. Here, you can see some necessary instructions on how you can add a trusted face. Tap on Next to continue.

Step #4: Your Android device will begin to enrol your Face ID. You need to position your face inside the circle. When your face is enrolled successfully, you will see ‘All set!’ screen; simply tap on DONE button.

Step #5: You can now use Face Unlock by keeping your Android device in front of your face on the locked mode. You will see that the icon will change from recognizing your face to unlocked; you can check the icon at the bottom of your phone screen.

Remember, this is just a workaround and therefore, it cannot give you equal pleasure or facility of using OnePlus 5T’s Face Unlock feature. When you use this on any Android device, you will realize that you still have to swipe up the screen to unlock your phone; on your OnePlus 5T, you can directly bypass the lockscreen.

What if your face is Not Recognized?

Simple, you can unlock your Android device with PIN, Pattern, or Password. (Follow this guide if you forgotten Pattern Lock or Password on Android Phone)

Summing up…

Thanks to Android’s open system, users can use Face Unlock feature of OnePlus 5T on other smartphones. This is not the case with iPhone; I am sure that many users would like to use iPhone X’s Face recognition feature on other iPhones. But there is no such third-party app available on App Store.

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