The Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro is the latest sensation everybody is talking about. And this has inspired many users to get MacBook Pro Touch Bar on an old Mac. They care least about the issues of Touch Bar; recently, people have raised their concerns about MacBook Pro Touch Bar unresponsive or got stuck.

Apart from frequent downtime of Touch Bar, the feature doesn’t work properly if the apps fail to integrate it wisely. Apps like Safari nicely work with Touch Bar; but same is not the case with Google Chrome, which is one of the most popular browsers across the globe.

If you are the proud owner of MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and if you don’t have Touch Bar support in Google Chrome, here is how to get MacBook Pro Touch Bar support in Google Chrome.

How to Get Macbook Pro Touch Bar Support in Chrome

How to Get MacBook Pro Touch Bar Support in Google Chrome

There are two methods to get Touch Bar support in Chrome; first we will take Touch Bar support in Chrome’s Canary Build.

Method 1 : Get Touch Bar Support in Chrome’s Canary Build

A common user may not be aware of Chrome’s three different avatars: there is one stable build, which is used by millions today; another one is beta build, which enables users to get quick access to some features implemented in Chrome, and third is Canary build; this last one is highly advanced and is likely to give you many technical glitches. Hence, it is advisable for common users to stay away from Canary build. However, for a change, you can always get Touch Bar support in Chrome’s Canary build.

Touch Bar has got static buttons for back, forward, refresh, new tab and favourites in Chrome canary build. You can quickly type a URL or search anything in a search/address bar. But there is no option to tailor Touch Br buttons; distinct from Safari, Chrome canary build doesn’t provide a tab switcher or preview of windows in Touch Bar. Touch Bar support in Chrome canary build will take some time to grow; let’s hope Google add more options in its stable release.

If you use Chrome’s Canary builds, there are chances that it get crashed or frozen any time. You can check new features on Canary builds; never use Canary build as your main browser.

Method 2 : Create Custom Touch Bar Buttons for Chrome

If you are running out of patience and want to have all Canary build features into your stable Chrome build, we can help you. You can use an app Better Touch Tool to create Touch Bar implementation for Chrome. There is no limit of customization and therefore, you can tailor it according to your need. Follow the steps given below and create custom Touch Bar buttons for Chrome.

Step #1: Download and install Better Touch Tool on your Mac.

This tool offers 45-day free trial and then license starts from $6.

Step #2: Open the app and launch Preferences.

Step #3: Next, click on the tab that reads ‘Touch Bar’; this will allow you to create buttons for Touch Bar.

Step #4: Click “+” symbol under ‘Select Application’.

Step #5: Select Google Chrome from the list of applications.

Step #6: Now click ‘Touch Bar Button’ to add a new button to Touch Bar, which will only appear when Chrome is the active application.

Step #7: Give a name for the button under Touch Bar Button Name. You can also select an icon for this new button. Moreover, you can select a custom icon for the button. First, create a new tab button; type a name in the field ‘New Tab’ in the Touch Bar Button Name.

Step #8: Next, click on ‘Custom Keyboard Shortcut’ and then hit ‘command + T. This shortcut will launch new tab on Chrome.

After following above steps, you can see ‘New Tab’ button in Touch Bar when you take Chrome to the forefront. In the same way, you can create buttons for closing tabs, switching to next, or previous tabs, and others. With the help of Better Touch Tool, you can assign Touch Bar button for a keyboard shortcut.

If anything goes wrong with the apps you are using in Touch Bar, you can use Escape on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

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