Godrej Goldilocks Personal Locker: Your Everyday Locker for Small Valuables

Godrej Goldilocks is your personal digital locker you can use to store small valuables like your Jewellery, Gold, Silver, Money and others. Unlike a bank locker, which is immovable and stores your precious things, this portable mini Godrej Goldilocks locker is meant for your personal belongings.

Godrej is a leading brand that deals in crafting high-quality security lockers. This Godrej Goldilocks digital locker is need of the hour as you cannot put all your petty yet important stuff in your bank locker. Goldilocks is a masterpiece crafted by Godrej; the locker can be opened only by you. Perhaps, the glaring feature of this locker is that it can be operated directly without any digital locker app on your Android or iOS device. Take a look at the smart design, portable body and extremely soft touch interiors of this personalized digital locker from Godrej.

Godrej Goldilocks Locker: A Personal Digital Safety Vault for Home

Your Everyday Portable Digital Security Locker

Every evening when I come home from the office, I pile up my smartphone, wallet, wristwatch, and my car key on my wife’s vanity box. And this would unquestionably invite a stare with glaring eyes. I wish I had kept those anti-glare glasses on my nose. Thanks to this innovative Godrej Goldilocks Personal Locker. Now my personal treasure is placed in order and secured too. I can also cache my credit cards and debit cards in this locker.


When I opened the parcel, my wife mistook it for her jewelry box, but she was disappointed as it looks like that wistful box. In fact, anybody can be taken in by the compact design of this personal locker. But when she looked into the locker, her displeasure began to fade away as she could place her jewellery in this elegant digital ‘box’. This personal locker is available in two colors: White Grey and Black Grey. The shape and weight (just 5 kg) make it highly portable; so why should we keep it in safe when we go miles away from home? We can easily place it in our car.

Metal Shows its Mettle

The Mild Steel makes it lightweight and convenient to carry. But this doesn’t take away its strength. Even if somebody drops this locker accidentally, there is no worry about losing anything inside; the locker boasts tough metal build. The product is secured with the 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.

Digital Security

Security is the trademark of this Goldilocks personal locker. If you look at the security features, you won’t wait for the next moment to place an order. You can set the numerical password on the smart touch panel that allows you to lock and unlock the locker. If a thief tampers the locker, it rings an alarm as it has built-in anti-theft buzzer; for additional security, you can get locking cable to lock it with your laptop.

It will be a sensible decision if you are buying this personal locker. But it should be noted that you have to carry this locker wherever you go; its portability could be a curse in disguise as you can’t leave it at home alone. You hardly trust your conventional 3ft x 6ft safe, so how can you rely on this delicate guard.


Colour: White Grey/Black Grey
Product Weight: 5 kg
Product Size: 40.9 x 33.5 x 11.2 cm

What is in the package: One piece Goldilocks Safe, a User Manual and a 9 Volt Battery. The package doesn’t include locking cable.

Price: Rs 6,499/- [while writing this on Amazon.in] Buy Now from Amazon

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