Google Search Algorithm Updates of 2015 [Infographic]

Change is the only constant of the world – whether it’s physical or virtual. Since we are creatures dwelling in the virtual world, let’s talk about Google, which is a poster child of digital arena. Google has constantly been changing its attitude towards webmasters.

As a matter of fact, Google dons the hat of tough taskmaster and in 2015, the search engine giant has introduced five algorithm updates.

It all started in February, when there was an unnamed update, which was not confirmed by Google as its official algorithm update. Webmasters reported avalanche of Google SERPs. Mobile Update, also known as ‘Mobilegeddon’ came in April 2015. It was a pitched battle between webmasters and Google as the latter had already announced before it released this update. The update has clearly given mobile-friendly sites an edge over other non-responsive sites.

In May, Google brought quality update, which acknowledged a primary algorithm change influencing quality signals. This was followed by Panda in July; the update is likely to affect the digital world in the coming months as there are no clear signs of any algorithm update now.

Last was RankBrain, which hit the virtual world in October; it was a major update from Google in which it revealed that machine learning had been a part of the algorithm for months.

To get the graphical information, we have uploaded an infographic created by e2msolutions.

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