Facebook is the best social media app people are using across the globe. Every day, users exchange a lot of posts, which include texts, videos, GIFs, pictures and more. Nosy people around you would always like to know who the contacts are with whom you share posts. From your Facebook notifications, smart neighbours, friends or colleagues would get a hint about your relationship with Facebook friends. To avoid this situation, you should hide Facebook messages from showing up on your iPhone or iPad lock screen.

When you choose to turn off Facebook previews, you save your privacy. The feature, once enabled, will show you just an alert and not the preview of contents. You get to know that somebody has tagged you or shared something on your wall. But who has done this will remain a mystery for those prying eyes.

Remember that lock screen of your iPhone or iPad will at least reveal the preview content of Facebook notifications. You should always keep your device passcode protected. Once you set up a passcode, you can hide Facebook messenger notification previews to achieve complete privacy.

How to Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notification Preview on iPhone or iPad

Step #1: Launch Facebook Messenger App on your iOS device.

Step #2: Tap on Profile icon.

Tap on Profile icon

Step #3: Now, tap on Notifications.

Tap on Notifications

Step #4: Finally, toggle off Show Previews.

Turn OFF Show Previews

How to Turn ON Facebook Messenger Preview on iPhone or iPad

You can enable this feature again by following this guide.

Step #1: Open FB Messenger on iPhone or iPad.

Step #2: Go to Settings by tapping on Profile icon.

Tap on Profile icon

Step #3: Now, tap on Notifications.

Tap on Notifications

Step #4: Toggle ON Show Previews to enable notification preview once again.

Turn ON Show Previews

How to Disable Facebook Messenger Notification Preview from Showing on iPhone Lock Screen

If you don’t want to disable Facebook messenger notification Preview from your iPhone or iPad and you just want to disable it from showing up on lock screen, then follow this guide:

Step #1: Open Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Open Settings on iPhone or iPad running iOS 11

Step #2: Press on Notification.

Tap on Notifications

Step #3: Search for Facebook Messenger App from the list and tap on it.

Tap on Facebook Messenger

Step #4: Finally, Choose When unlocked option.

Choose when Unlocked

It is done!

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