The notch on iPhone X has worked like a sting in the tail. People were all gaga over this most advanced phone in the world. And it was quite obvious that iPhone lovers would go for this device quickly after its release. But when they began to use the phone, they realize that its camera array hinders their iPhone X experience especially while they are watching videos on YouTube or movies or browsing photos and web. So much so, this notch hides scroll bar when users hold this iPhone X in horizontal mode. Until Apple does anything for this, you have to remove or hide iPhone X notch from home screen and lock screen.

Cromulent Labs has come up with a simple and easy solution: Notcho. It is an app that works only with wallpapers on the home screen and lock screen of your iPhone X. Notcho will not work in apps. Want to use this app on your iPhone X?

How to Hide iPhone X Notch

How to Hide iPhone X Notch

Step #1: First off, you need to download Notcho on your iPhone X.

Step #2: Open the app and it will ask you to select a photo from Camera Roll or use the images available in the app.

Step #3: If you wish to choose any image from Camera Roll, you need to tap on Import button from the bottom menu. And then choose any image.

Step #4: Next, you need to tap on Adjust; you can adjust the image by stretching, filling or fitting the image.

Step #5: Tap on Done.

Step #6: Then tap on Save button. The image will be saved in Photos app.

Step #7: Now launch Photos app and tap on the wallpaper you have created.

Step #8: When the wallpaper opens, you need to tap on Share icon.

Step #9: After that, you need to tap Use as Wallpaper option from the lower bottom menu. Next, tap on Set button.

Step #10: It is time to set the wallpaper on Home screen or lock screen. You can also choose Both. Finally, tap on Set Both.

It is done!

You have successfully removed iPhone X notch. Go to the home screen and you won’t see that eye-piercing notch on your iPhone X. This is just a workaround made possible by Cromulent Labs. Let’s wait for Apple’s take on this.

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