How to Hide Message Notification Preview on iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 11

With the rising popularity of chat clients, there is no dearth of exchange of messages over WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Hangouts and more. However, the default message app on iPhone and other smart phones has always played a key role when it comes to serious communication. Government and non-government organizations prefer to send messages on the default message app over other third-party chat apps. This raises some privacy issues while you are reading your messages in office or at public places. Thankfully, iPhone users can hide message Notification preview on iPhone lock screen.

Unlike WhatsApp and Facebook, users have to turn off message preview for iMessage from Notifications in Settings. Active users frequently receive notifications on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Email; and therefore, they should hide notification previews on their WhatsApp, Facebook, and Email. If you wish to hide previews of notifications on all apps, you do this by following this tutorial. Note that you can hide individual message alerts on iPhone and iPad running iOS 11.

Coming back to our point of hiding message preview on iMessage: this tutorial deals only with how you can disable message preview on the stock Messages app. Once your turn off message preview for text messages, you won’t get any preview on the lock screen of your iPhone or iPad for all messages you receive on Messages app.

How to Disable Message Notification Preview on iPhone Lock Screen

Step #1: Launch Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Open Settings on iPhone or iPad running iOS 11

Step #2: Now tap on Notifications.

Step #3: You will see several apps under NOTIFICATION STYLE section.

Step #4: Scroll down and tap on Messages app from the list of apps.

Step #5: Under the banners image, you will find OPTIONS; tap on Show Previews.

Step #6: Here, you can see three different options: Always (Default), When Unlocked, and Never. You need to select Never from the three options.

Choose Never to Hide Message Notification Preview from iPhone Lock Screen

That’s it! Now you will never see Messages preview on the lock screen of your iPhone or iPad.

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